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DIY Destoner
Greetings all - I'm an Aussie home roaster based in Perth Western Australia.

I roast only about 2kg of coffee a week for home and office consumption.

Stones in coffee are a big problem - particularly if you drink a lot of Yemen Ismaili coffee or other coffees whose processing includes being dried on the ground.

My mate Alchemist (lets call him Aussie Alchemist to avoid confusion) and I have developed a design for a DIY de-stoner - you are welcome to build your own!

I'm new on the forum and haven't yet figured it all out - especially posting pics - for now I'll put a link to my blog and if one of the forum admins can create a post with the text and pics in it (from my blog pages) then you're more than welcome to do so.

Here my blog link http://cafe-grend...rives.html
Fantastic presentation, Grendel! I didn't even know that there were variable-speed vacuums on the market. I have a couple of questions: Do you use the destoner for every roast, or just for the known problem coffees? And, does this destoner also cool the beans?

Keep posting, this is great stuff. s:2

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Great Blog presentation. The de-stoner is somewhat similar to Jim on Caffeines Beanie Vac. Could be alternately set up as a air roaster bean dump setup like the Beanie Vac. I like it.

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Kaffee Bitte
Beautiful! Do you have any pics of it with the vacuum running?

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Having ground up a stone in my Mazzer Mini recently I have newfound respect for your idea! Come to think of it, I keep a shop vac in my roasting room for cleanup. Now it can do double duty. :) Thanks for the article. Dan
The link seems to be dead. Does anyone have an archive?
looks like all is dead but you could try to email him from the address he has in his profile...

he was here last in May 2015. worth a try.

I found this.... http://coffeegeek...ast/375094
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