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11/24/2022 8:17 AM
Trick or... crack... er... Grin

11/24/2022 8:12 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all

11/23/2022 3:28 AM
Birdman and dpineau coffee drink

11/21/2022 5:46 PM
lig76ct Welcome

Rich Saurman
11/21/2022 5:22 PM
Hi! New member starting with SR540. I am brand new and slowly getting better results with this roaster. I am interested in any roasting pointers.

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Has anyone used dual heat guns with a BM?
Has anyone used dual heat guns with a BM? My roasts have been taking about 18 minutes with one full pound of beans so I decided to stick a second heat gun in the BM. When I got it up to about 375 I turned one heat gun off. It finished at 445 in 12 minutes with a good 4 minutes after 1st crack so 1st C came at about 8 minutes.

Are other people getting a pound of beans roasted in considerably less time than 18 minutes with one HG? Am I being impatient?
Kaffee Bitte
I have never used the HG BM method, but from reading others articles on it I would assume that you need a more aggressive stirring mechanism to get one heat gun to roast in the appropriate times.

Got any pics of your setup?

You might also need to make a cover to place over the top of the breadmachine to maintain the heat. If you haven't already done this.

"Some days it's spice, other days it's bitter dirt."
HG/BM has been my regular way of roasting for about three years.
A pound is within reach within 12-15 minutes with adequate heat containment. Actually, I have done a pound in 8 minutes with full containment; but that's way too fast for good roast development.

IOW, you can do it.
Start with some kind of lid or partial cover and see what happens. ;)
How far away do you hold/mount the heatgun when you only use one? I've always only used one heatgun and haven't had any trouble with or without a cover. I think you'll have better control with a cover, though. I regularly hit 1C at 12 minutes and, if I go that far, 2C at 14 to 16 minutes, and that's with 1.5 to 2 pound loads.

Also, is this a rectangular (large) pan or the more compact square pan? I think Bill (bvwelch) did have some trouble with one heatgun and the larger rectangular pan and solved it with a aluminum flashing cylinder to better contain the beans (as David said).

-->Click HERE for Bill's Thread<---

seedlings attached the following image:

Edited by seedlings on 07/17/2008 8:21 AM
Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover

One heat gun should be plenty. Add a lid like Stu does. My guess is, you haven't modified your bread machine motor for continuous running. If you have, then maybe increase the size/area of your stirrer.

I did build that project in the photo above, but too many beans managed to sneak out around the bottom. I was planning to plug the leaks with some food-safe RTV, but then I found a "tall/vertical" bread machine in a thrift store, that was cheaper than tube of RTV, so I abandoned the project in the photo above.

Some day I'll probably salvage that bread machine, by cutting out the bottom of the loaf pan, and attaching it to a stainless steel mixing bowl, like David has shown elsewhere on this site. He strips the bread machine down to make a flat platform-- just the motor and the mixing bowl.


Thanks for the input from several of you. I do have a cover on my BM, here's a link to a prior post of mine showing pictures of my setup.


My BM is one of the square ones. The BM has been modified to run the agitator continusly. I have two different heat guns, one is Harbor Freight and the other is Brand XXXX, I think I need to measure the output temp of them, I am beginning to wonder if my heat guns are hot enough. Wattage doesn't mean much if the thermostat in the HG is keeping the heat lower.

I have tried it with the HG directly in the BM container about 1" from the beans, and also with my cover and the flexible tubing stuck down to within 1" of the beans with the cover on it.

I just can't bring it off in less than 18 minutes or so. My agitator is made from copper wire like Seedlings is and really stirs the beans well, my roasts are very even. I think I have roasted al least 50Lbs. by now with my BM so I'm not too much of a greenhorn now.
It sounds like you've got more experience than I do, but I will say that I also use the Harbor Freight gun.

Now that I think about it, I had an early failure with the Harbor Freight gun, and I went into it and bypassed the thermal shutdown/fuse whatever it was... And it started working again. I wonder if your gun is cutting back during your roasts?

My lid is a thin flat sheet of aluminum, and I removed the plastic tip/cover of the HG. I put the snout of the HG into the lid, maybe one-quarter of an inch sticks through.

I always roast one pound at a time.

My stirrer may be a bit oversized-- it really slings the beans around. Perhaps that is helpful, I dunno.

I run the HG on high until I reach around 275 or so, then on low for a couple minutes to dry out. Then back on high until around 385, then alternate HI / LOW from there to the end of the roast.

Edited by bvwelch on 07/17/2008 8:16 PM
I also use the $9.99 orange harbor freight heatgun with great success.

I'm using the original breadmaker lid with the heatgun shoved in where the viewing glass used to be, which leaves the tip of the heatgun about even with the top of the hopper. With last night's 2 pound load the tip is 3" or so above the center of the bean mass at the beginning of the roast and about 1.5" by the end of the roast. I use the harbor freight router speed control to start with about 75% heat until just before first crack, then I slowly back the heat down bit by bit until my temperature only increases about 1 degree every 10 seconds or so. That way I can stretch the time between first and second crack.

Last night I roasted while piddling around with some other things and I didn't get to first crack until about 15 minutes, pulled at 18 minutes just after the first few snaps of 2nd. This 3 or 4 minutes behind where I usually try to be.

Bill may be on track with the thermal protection, although I've never had a need to take mine apart. Blame poor quality control.

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
This afternoon I stuck the end of a TC into the end of the HG and let it run about 5 minutes or more. The highest temp it got to was 554 degrees and was holding steady there. That seems like plenty of heat to do the job.

If I put 2 pounds in the BM I don't see any way it would get to FC in 15 minutes, maybe 20. I am using a router speed control just like yours and run it on FULL until FC finishes then I cut it back to extend the time to 2nd crack.

I checked my voltage with a digital multimeter meter and also a Killawatt meter, with the HG running and it was 122 volts, I can't figure out what the difference is. I have a new Harbor Freight HG I bought for a spare, I may try it and see what it does.

I have a BM with the horizontal container, I think I will try it with a high wattage Halogen light I already have, as mentioned in another thread. I'll let you know how it works out.


hworx wrote:This afternoon I stuck the end of a TC into the end of the HG and let it run about 5 minutes or more. The highest temp it got to was 554 degrees and was holding steady there. That seems like plenty of heat to do the job.

554F seems weak to me. My trusty Wagner 775 is "rated" at 750F and 1000F for its two settings. I really don't know if it will go that high, but I did test it once on "low" and it went over the high end of the scale [572F] before the probe even got close to the tip.

BTW, I also used an Orange Beauty from Harbor Freight at times, and it works just fine.

My bet is that you are not getting the full $9.99 worth of power out of the heat gun. ;)

My .02
David, sorry to mislead you but I just realized I made a typo, the temp from my HG was 654, not 554, that still sounds low after you said it was supposed to do 750 and 1000.

I think you're right about not getting enough heat, I'll check my spare HG and see what it does. Thanks.
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