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need input for new coffee's
Hi all:

with a smaller budget these days for coffee I would like anyone interested in giving me some input for a new purchase...

I like funky, full, different coffee's.

thoughts please, I have about 100 bucks to buy with right now my stash ls low about 15 #'s

thanks ,



I don't know if there is anything more different right now than the Koratie(WP or DP), The Tanzania Blackburn AA or the Geshas now arriving at SM. But if budget IS a factor and you like full flavor, let me recommend either the Ethiopian or the Tanzanian---after I buy my fivers of each, of course.

PM me and there may be something in the stash I can send you.
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Ginny, I don't like funky coffees. Full flavor is good, but no funk for me in the cup. Now, if you need some funky beats and jammin riffs laid down on a track, let's talk.

However, if you'll settle for full flavored un-funky, on a budget, you can't beat the Guetamala Palhu Huehuetenango from which is VERY sweet syrupy chocolate that lingers for minutes and you can have 10# for about $50.

I have some and really like it. If you'd like me to send you a sample care package, you know how to get me.

Edited by seedlings on 07/31/2008 10:00 PM
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Hey guys thanks, I will try some of each.

Have a great wekend.


Knowing your coffee tastes somewhat, you would likely enjoy any of these from Sweet Maria's:

Brazil FTO Poco Fundo Peaberry - I am sure you remember this one
Brazil Daterra Farms -Yellow Bourbon - Full City+ will cut through a milk drink with bittersweet chocolate, but with dry nuttiness
Ethiopia Organic Sidamo DP -Special Selection - Full City+ or more
Aged Sumatra Grade One Lintong - right up your alley
Sumatra Blue Batak "Tarbarita" Peaberry - Full City+ or a little more
Sumatra Classic Mandheling - these have been excellent lately
Sumatra Lake Tawar 19+ Extra Bold - you might really want to try some

Also, they are trying something out with the shipping until the end of August.
You can get 20 pounds shipped for 7.99 --> Choose: S.M. Shipping Special (5-7 Days) ($7.99)
Similarly, 40 pounds for $13.99 and 60 pounds for $20.99.
Oh, and you can include items other than just coffee and bags in the event you need to pickup some cleaning supplies, etc.

Hope this helps ...
Edited by EddieDove on 08/01/2008 1:31 PM

Eddie Dove

The South Coast Coffee Roaster
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ginny wrote:
Hey guys thanks, I will try some of each.

Have a great wekend.


If you mean you'd like to receive humble care package, you'll have to send your new top-secret motel address!

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
CHAD, mehhistory:

Thank you so much for your offer of coffee. CHAD you are a silly!!! My stash is usually shared with most of the folks I know; I roast them coffee, they love it, want more so I roast it for them...

I am simply not used to being on a budget for "my things." this is a self imposed restriction. I have always worked hard and long so figure I can do as I please...

My sister laughed way too loud when I showed her my plan and budget for this unfinished home I purchased. Last one for me I think!! I was on target cost wise with the stuff I cannot (read do not want) do any longer like sheet rock, gutters, installing the bamboo floor and a door here and there...

what was not correct was my estimate for the kitchen (read love my kitchen) bathrooms and "other stuff" she insisted (knew) I would add!!

that very day she bet me 100 bucks I could not stay on budget! hey, take that bet, I win.

NO, I did not win, just went about 92% over my budget.

what the heck, if a revenuer shows up, got my straight shooting Remington!!

thank you again,


s:8s:8s:8s:8 running from my fire pit...
I have been roasting coffee for a long time, but didn't use this platform much until now. Used it in the past occasionally. Overall, I say there has been new players selling green coffees in small quantities than ever before. I have been liking; and also like https://deansbean...ffee-beans. Deanbeans have been there for a long time but never heard it until recently.
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