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Posted by seedlings on 09/25/2016 3:27 PM

Followed your measurements exactly, except I measured grams of water instead of ml.

Since I literally just pulled this Sidamo out of the roaster (11 min roast to 425F), it tastes just a little thin or weak to me, but the ratio of water to coffee is fine (18:1 roughly).

I really like the idea that the coffee steeps for a time. The French press is the ideal brewing method if only it could be as clean in the cup as these mesh filters. Your method is a great workaround. My filter did start dripping slower, evidence it would have clogged with any larger amount of slurry.


**Edit:. Rereading your posts, I missed the 'coarse grind' direction, and ground like table salt, as I do for Aeropress and this titanium filter.

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