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Item 1-3 Chemex 10 cup Classic Series
Coffee Kids Fan
10 cup, 50 oz, Chemex Classic Series donated by Our Coffee Barn

Retail Value $39.00
Opening bid $5.00 - Bids must be in whole dollar increments.

Note: If bidding reaches $60, Pete at Our Coffee Barn will add 5 lbs of Sumatran Mandehling Harimau Tiger (greens, unroasted).
Winning bidder does not pay for shipping. Shipping will be paid for by Our Coffee Barn, http://ourcoffeeb.... Every dollar raised in this auction will go to Coffee Kids.
This item closes Saturday May 9, 2009 at 6:00 PM central time.
Payment must be made to Coffee Kids by midnight central time Tuesday, May 12, 2009 to win this item.

If you're not bidding and would like to make a donation directly to Coffee Kids, click http://www.coffee...rg/donate/
Coffee Kids Fan attached the following image:

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Helping coffee-farming families improve the quality of their lives.
I Bid $25 USD.

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
I'll bid $60 USD.
For those wishing to bid, this item closes at 6pm CST, in 30 minutes. http://wwp.centra...-time.com/
Dave Borton
Milwaukee, WI
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