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Spreadsheets, databases, technical documents...
Mike Rhoads Roast Logs September 12, 2007 ginny -- 1218 0 --
Mike Rhoads Roast Logs Mike as done Excel roasting log that is excellent. Add this your coffee support logs and enjoy!!
Jim Schulman Water Article August 29, 2007 ginny -- 915 0 --
Jim Schulman Water Article This is the article that has caused many a late night...
a very long water article. Thanks Jim August 29, 2007 ginny -- 2158 0 --
Homeroasters Roasting Log February 02, 2007 ginny -- 999 0 --
Homeroasters Roasting Log This is a MS Excel Worksheet designed for logging your roast profiles.
Gas Burner Designs for Hot Air Roasters January 28, 2007 ginny -- 1051 0 --
Gas Burner Designs for Hot Air Roasters Schematics from two propane construction heaters (aka Salamanders, Torpedos)