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New Members - May Start Here !
Thanks for the welcome, guys. I can't wait to start roasting!

you will never get out of your rabbit hole now...

of course we encourage all types of coffee activity from drinking, to brewing to roasting to building your own equipment.

thanks for joining us Brian and a huge Welcome

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Hi All
I am just starting out, and i dont have a roaster yet. I am the only coffee drinker in the house so i only need a small roaster. I have been looking at the fresh roast sr500 . Any opinions on this roaster ? are there better ones in this price range that I should look at ? Looking to spend around 200 to 225.
This looks like it will be a great hobby and I am looking forward to learning from the experts.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Garret:

If you do not need a big roaster, the 500 is a gem...

air roast and fast...

you can maintain a huge amount of control on this latest of the Fresh Roast models. I had an original Fresh Roast and it was great.

even with the new fan control you can tip and twist the roaster around while it is roasting to shake and toss the beans more. I have heard that the 500 is a much better roaster over the 300 model.

it is a winner for my money and at 169.00 great price.

I just saw an ad for coffee project, the 500 with free 5 pounds of beans and they have excellent beans.


I would not hesitate to pick one up. if I needed an extra roaster I would grab one.

no I do not work for Coffee Project but they have supported our auctions here and they have excellent beans so a 5 pound is a great bonus...

Sweet Maria may offer free beans as well, not sure.

thanks for joining us,

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Hi All:

I wanted to introduce myself, as I am new here. I am the Buddman and have been roasting coffee for the past 4 years. I started with a Behmor 1600 and had a couple of hundred pounds roasted on it when I was given a Hottop B-2K in April of this year. Currently, I have roasted 23 pounds on my new roaster and I have to say that it is a large step up from my Behmor. I am still tweaking my roast profiles and beginning to learn some of the nuances of this machine.

Each morning I have two single shots of espresso from Cremina (I am a leverhead but not exclusively) and one Cappuccino from Maximatica. My wife drinks a pot of drip. I use a Mazzer Mini (with doser) for my grinding.

I am interested in setting up a better and more efficient system of logging my roasts, recording daily changes in grind, and recording my own taste profiles (not cupping) in a more scientific way than my manual recording of the roasts.

Currently I am just using the Hottop Temperature reading, but should soon add a bean probe ala Randy G.

I am considering starting a Microsoft Access Database to do logging and profiling, tasting records which seems a better tool than Excel.

I welcome any recommendations.

"Some people drink coffee to wake up, I wake up to drink coffee!"

welcome. I know you will enjoy your HT B2K, I got one recently as well.

I have had 4 Hot Tops and have loved each one...

there are many here with HT's and i am sure you will find some help if not a thread that is addresses your issues.

you can always begin a thread in any of the forums and ask your questions.

thanks for joining us,


Welcome to HRO Buddman!
I'm sure someone will help you out with your questions once you start a new thread.

Hi - Dave here, from the Boston area. I've got my first shipment of green beans on the way, as well as a couple air poppers and various electrical bits for the first step simple mods.

About 25 years ago I had started homebrewing beer in the kitchen, only to have my wife come home and ask what it would take to move the operation outdoors. That loosened up the budget enough to buy a propane cooker, proper kettle, mash tun, etc etc. My hope is that the aroma of coffee roasting will provide me the same opportunity to build/acquire much cooler gear just as the smell of hops and malt did way back in the day.
Hi Dave and Welcome!
It's nice to see another home roaster from the Boston area. Please post if you have any questions. I did a Poppery II build last summer and enjoy using the popper. I think a popper roaster is one of the best ways to learn roasting with smells, sight and sounds. It is all right there in the open.


KKTO Roaster.
Hi! My name is Valeria and I live in Guatemala, Central America. I am a coffee addict and would like to start learning to roast my own coffee. I live in a little town named Antigua Guatemala, were great coffee is produced. I found a very old drum roaster that was used back in the 60's to roast small amounts of coffee and trying to find out if I could use this or just buy a new one.
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