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Item 2-7 Assorted teas
Coffee Kids Fan
Assorted teas, yes, teas donated by Coffeeproject.com

Teas Ahoy Package
2 oz Lemon Verbena Botanical
2 oz Organic White Tea with Peach
2 oz Oolong
2 oz FT Darjeeling Black Tea
2 oz Green tea with Pomegranate
More on the teas is listed here: http://www.coffee...b2ea567ada

Exceed the retail value and get an additional bumper 2 oz of Organic Chai

Retail Value $32.00
Opening bid $5.00 - Bids must be in whole dollar increments.

Note: During the entire month of the auction, Coffeeproject.com will extend a 5% discount for all orders. Merely use the code, "Kids," at time of checkout. Bonus: When you use the code "Kids," Coffeeproject.com will donate an additional 5% of purchase to Coffee Kids during the month of May.

Orders (not auction bids) may be placed at http://coffeeproj....

Winning bidder does not pay for shipping. Shipping will be paid for by CoffeeProject.com, http://coffeeproj..... Every dollar raised in this auction will go to Coffee Kids. This item closes Saturday May 16, 2009 at 6:00 PM central time.
Payment must be made to Coffee Kids by 12:01 AM central time Tuesday, May 19, 2009 to win this item.

If you're not bidding and would like to make a donation directly to Coffee Kids, click http://www.coffee...
Coffee Kids Fan attached the following image:

Edited by Coffee Kids Fan on 04/20/2009 6:44 AM
Helping coffee-farming families improve the quality of their lives.
My wife drinks tea. She likes coffee in the morning and tea at night. Trying to justify to everyone why I"D BID ON TEA!
$25 bid from east central OHIO.
"How we treat our children determines who we are!"
John Despres
Oh, Jim.

Bad move... I hadn't really thought about this one. My wife loves tea more than yours.

$35.00 - That's an over-bid, by the way...
Edited by John Despres on 05/11/2009 10:20 AM
Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
I will have to knock this to 40 buckoo's...

a family member was ill and loved the tea I served instead of the coffee
that she could not stand at that time!!


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