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Moka pot usage
Fill me in on the best way to do this. I used it today,wasnt impressed with it. Then again, I have never really used one before.

Hi Opus!
I've enjoyed using a Moka pot for the last few months...it was a Christmas gift. I've found that since it makes such a strong and concentrated brew, certain coffees work better than others when prepared using this method. My unsophisticated taste prefers mellow but fairly dark-roasted beans like Mexican Oaxaca, Brazil MF or Indonesian...in other words--lower acid coffees that might work well as espresso. I also found that the grind should be fairly fine but not powder and I fill the grinds to the rim of the filter but do not tamp. When the water is almost depleted from the bottom half, the sound of the gurgling starts to get hollow. I remove the pot from the heat and serve it right away otherwise I feel like if I leave it on the heat too long it tastes overdone. Sorry for the lon-winded response but I hope you find a combination that works for you!
Mark O.
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Hey Mark,

Excelllent! I've got some Mexican, Brazil and....well, a bunch of other. I will experiment. I just wasnt sure of the brewing method. I did it as you suggested but it tasted kinda burnt. Maybe I will take it a little slower when I brew it. I'll piddle with it. Thanks.
The other good tip too is to start with hot water from a kettle rather than start from cold in the Moka Pot. This will generally keep the brew temp and the top of the pot lower and you will be less likely to burn the coffee.
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I agree with Tim's last comment about pre-heating the water separately. Also, there is a good tip sheet at Sweet Maria's on this: http://www.sweetm...okapot.php I do enjoy a good moka pot now and then.

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Hi Opus,

using good grinder helps.

I am grinding beans half way between filter and espresso. (Or perhaps a tad coarser.)

Never tamp.

On inductive stove, cooking is easy, just switch off, when coffee is brewed. However, on gas stoves you should take moka away as quick as you hear noise.
I've finally got it so I can make a good Moka.....not bad.
Opus- Welcome to the world of moka pots! Glad you have figured out how to get a good brew! What brand of moka pot did you get?

I grew up using moka pots (called Espresso pots at that time) and still use one for my daily cup.

Using hot water is great advice. It really speeds up the brewing time.

Burnt taste: I would recommend that you serve the coffee immediately once brewed. Do not let it sit in the Moka pot for longer than a minute or so. Remember it is not a glass carafe but one made of aluminum (or stainless steel in some cases) so it remains very hot. The coffee is literally "cooking" while remaining in the moka pot.

I have noticed a slightly burnt taste in coffee that was allowed to sit in a moka pot, once brewed, for a few minutes. I always pour my freshly brewed coffee in a cup immediately. Like the minute it is almost done brewing. It is literally still percolating the last few drops when I pour it. Having poured it into a cup, I can afford to dilly dally and figure out how much milk I want to add.

A note on measurements. You can adjust the coffee to water ratio just like a conventional drip brewer. If you are using a 7 oz iddy biddy moka pot than you have less leeway as those are meant to brew two espresso shots max. I own several moka pots, from an iddy biddy 7 oz to once that holds 14 oz (I gave away my 20 oz monstor to my sister ha ha).

I use my 16 oz moka pot the most because I can brew the coffee slightly weaker to make a caf? au lait. A moka pot can be used to brew regular strength coffee as well as stronger brews.

One note: It will never produce an espresso comparable to those produced on a pro level espresso machine...no real crema and not as refined flavors. It will probably seem muddied or flat when compared to a shot pulled off a Silvia or some other pro espresso machine!

My standard brew ratio for caf? au lait is 1 Tablespoon finely ground coffee to 4 oz water. I sometimes brew it stronger when drinking a cappuccino ...or weaker when brewing regular coffee for friends and family. Experiment..try different brew rations.

Grind: you can either do a fine ground (similar to what you would do for an espresso machine) or you can do a slightly coarser grind for a softer brew. I tend to go with the very fine...but then I like strong coffee. Play around and find hat you like.

Cleaning: treat it like cast iron. No harsh detergents. Just hot water and a sponge. A good moka pot will get seasoned over time with a very slight unseen layer coffee oil.

Check and replace the gasket from time to time. When you get a new gasket, I suggest soaking it in a cup of brewed coffee overnight before putting it on the moka pot. This avoids the rubbery taste that new gaskets sometimes have (especially the pink colored ones).

Above all..be creative with your moka pot. Play around with brew ratios and grinds....above all just enjoy it!
I love my bilatti moka pot too. When used carefully with a bean that a has chocolate as the primary taste point, the moka pot really brings out that flavor. Love using it with a full body Brazillian.

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I just got a bialetti mukka express! 3.99! I hope i like it. Right next to the krupps steam machine that i left there. Any tips from more recent users? This is all new to me.
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Update. I cleaned it up and tried it out. One 2tbls beans they are a light roast sumatra. After grindind it fluffed up to 4 tbls. Maybe 7 oz water. This is weak.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
Erst Kaffee
I use a Bialetti Moka pot 2 cupper every day. I love, love love it. Here is my process:

A. I use around a drip grind. When I upgrade my grinder in a few months, I will have more grind options and will try coarser grinds than a drip grind.

B. I brew with cold water.

C. I fill coffee to the rim of the little strainer and do not tamp. I gently level and do not mind if I am not completely even, but I do not go over the rim ever with the coffee.

D. I brew below medium and low heat; kinda dead center in the middle of the two. I brew on a gas stove top and because the little pot is so adorably tiny it sits right dead center on one little piece of the circle of flame that is the burner. I do this so the handle is not over the fire as any moka pot user knows putting the handle over the fire melts the handle.

I generally put hot milk in my coffee. Wonderful. Love it. coffee drink

I also own a 4 cup Veg Vegano, (don't care for it), and a 6 cup Bialetti Moka pot which my grown son uses daily for just himself.

I'm planning to buy a 3 cup Bialetti Moka pot too.
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