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Aug/Sept Roast Comparison


rama wrote:

"George Howell has given up on DPs.

Good, More for me ...smile kind of strange to think that the beans have to look good, for them to be appropriate for roasting.
I'll happily roast the ugly ones if they taste good!.
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Sean Harrington
John Despres
I'm with Sean on this one. I buy my greens from Sweet Maria's and they sell Yemens that truly look like crap. But then, who can see the beans once they're ground with water filtered through them?

Eye cupping does not happen in my house. Except the gray ones. I watch for them and toss 'em. They're sour.

Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
I had a few beans that were burnt, and that is not unusual for me. I tossed the burnt ones, but that was it for culling.

The last time we did this, I did more cullling, but I got lazy this time, I guess sometimes laziness is good.

Hmm, a defect is a defect. If the only reason a coffee tastes 'special' is due to being wormy or chewed by rodents, I think I'll just have to miss out on whatever you guys are enjoying. I cull for rocks and other foreign matter, and usually toss out the obviously wormy or chewed ones if/when I see them. -bill
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