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Any Pacific North West Hugs?
Coffee Savant
Any Pacific Northwest, Portland in particular Hugs? Just asking and eager to share roasts and such locally. smile

Hi Coffee Savant:

Heck, I just left Portland; would have been nice to meet.

There are several roasters in that area and I am sure they will post away soon.

Remember that we are new. Don't give up on us; Ed is the HUGS guru who is trying to organize everyone on the homeroasting world!

Warmest Regards,


glad to see someone use that super pink mug Dan put up!!B)B)GrinGrin
Oh,... I do miss the PNW, But not the gray and rain. For some time I lived in the Seattle are. I even designed and built equipment, repaired roasters for Staryuks and Millstone a bit. I remember when Millstone just delivered to locals and had good coffee. I also remember my friends would sneak me some Kona for home. I did a little side job for the CEO when he was pissed about bean leakage, we traded for greens Grin
I live in Palo Cedro, CA which is about 40 miles west of Mt. Lassen and 8 miles east of Redding. I look out on the Cascades so maybe that counts as PNW. I'd be interested in hearing about local roasters. I've never actually met anyone who homeroasts and I've been doing it for about 20 years.

I'm up the Gorge in The Dalles, a little far to drive (either way). I know a few folks in the metro area - if I touch base with them I'll bring the subject up and post the particulars.

If you get over this way, let me know.

Hello. I am about 30 miles North of Portland and would be interested in meeting other roasters in the area. It would be great to get together at some point and try what everyone else is roasting. I really want to learn to "cup" properly if anyone cares to share their knowledge in that area I would really appreciate it!

Coffee Savant
Wow! There are quite a few fairly local HUGS. I'm trying to turn some of the Baristas in my brother's coffee favorite coffee shop into home roasters. smile They seem to really be intrigued by the idea of being able to roast in a popcorn popper. I figure if any of them actually get poppers, I'll donate a few sample greens to get them started. Unfortunately, the big manager said no to roasting in their store and weren't too happy with the idea of me bringing a portable burner and roasting on their patio either. I wish I knew the guys at Stumptown or Bridgetown better. Those would be perfect spots for home roasters to get together and talk shop and possibly share roasts.
Well, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I'll join in here. I'm down in Medford, OR myself. Don't know of any home roasters locally here.
There are three of us homeroasters in the Roseburg area, and one in Lakeview that I know of. So if you are ever up this way, it would be fun to get together. We need to organize a S. Oregon HUG.

You folks are so lucky! I might have to come to your gatherings if I can't find anyone down here ...


Eddie Dove

The South Coast Coffee Roaster
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les_albjerg wrote:
There are three of us homeroasters in the Roseburg area, and one in Lakeview that I know of. So if you are ever up this way, it would be fun to get together. We need to organize a S. Oregon HUG.


Les -

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I keep forgetting all the different groups I've signed up on, then I got poked in the side and reminded that I have neglected checking this one out! Shock)

I have one other person I got started here locally and I think I'm stirring up an interest locally within my work circle. I think it would be great to get a local group together to discuss and play. I have a brother in E. Oregon who roasts and he's gotten a few involved as well. I will try to get some of them to join up here and maybe we can use this for some regional chat!

Roseburg is just spitting distance when it comes to home roasters, so I'm inclined to try for a meet and greet kind of thing. Might be after the holidays though.

Are there any Hugs in the Seattle Area? Tacoma would be better.
SSG Elijah Mack
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John Kosche
Diedrich IR3
ECM Michangel
We were just wondering if there were any HUGS in the area and if they were getting meeting? Since we are new to the roasting thing it would be cool to be able to meet some other home roasters. We could probably go as far as Portland depending on schedules.

We have a small group, meet informally, Do some roasting and tasting..

I sent you a PM

Email me john (at) kosche.org
John Kosche
Diedrich IR3
ECM Michangel
I am an ex Seattle-ite. Living in PT. I first roasted coffee in the early 70's using a cast iron frying pan on the top of the stove. My green bean supplier
on pier 70 moved or went out of business so I gave it up.
After I moved to PT, I found that the supply of really good fresh roasted beans was limited so I decided to roast my own. My first batches were done in a hand crank pop corn popper. good product but I could only do 3 or 4 oz. at a time. or 1 days worth. So when I saw a Farberware electric rotisserie bbq at the local thrift I bought it and converted it for coffee roasting with the addition of a home made SS mesh drum. { Alaska Copper and Brass}
The unit would accommodate about 12 oz. enough for 3 or 4 days. Last month I was in Idaho for the 7 Devils Playwrites confernce and saw a ronko
bbq / roaster in a local thrift. So My current project is converting it to a coffee roaster. It works fairly well at this point but I am still tweaking it.
here are some pictures.

Also see modified Ronco on the discussion forum.
If /when anyone comes to PT look me up. Email is in my profile.
Coffee and demos await.
hi george!

there are tons-o-coffee folks up there in the PNW...

do you belong to Sweet maria's list? If not join up and you will meet many others; go to
sweet marias.com and join their list.

It has been awhile since anyone fessed up.
I'm in SE Portland. You?
Portland, Oregon roasting with Popper to start; Behmor 2007 - 2013; Hottop 2014 - now,
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