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TC4 - Artisan application software


MaKoMo wrote:


greencardigan wrote:
What about the standard event buttons being able to send serial commands? For example I'd like the 'Charge' button to automatically send a serial command to the TC4/Arduino to reset its clock.


Sure why not. I add that to my list of things to be added..


Thanks ThumbsUp
The version 0.6 of Artisan is now available for Windows, OS X and Linux.


The most important changes and additions w.r.t. v0.5.x are as follows.

- Monitoring-only mode reporting readings on LCDs without recording
- Event sliders e.g. to control the Hottop heater and fan via the TC4 / HT Roaster Interface
- Extended alarms triggered by time and temperature on any curve
- Flexible Modbus RTU support allowing temperature reading and device control
- Curve smoothing and spike filtering
- New localizations: Arabic, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese and Hungarian
- Windows installer, and icons on Windows and Linux

See <https://code.goog...aseHistory> for a detailed list of changes and the Artisan blog <http://artisan-ro...logspot.de> for details on some of the new features.

We are deeply grateful for the extensive support we received from many of you, especially in translating Artisan's more than 1200 phrases into several languages (more under preparation). We want to thank Frans Goddijn, Brad Collins, Claudia Raddatz, Marcio Carneiro, Ostnes Runar, Yoshida Minoru, David Lahoz, Savvas Kiretsis, Wa'il, Lukas Kolbe, Oliver Schirmer, Kristoffer Johansson, ?etin Barut, Rubens Gardelli, Kyle Iseminger, Kalle Deligeorgakis, Matthew Sewell, Carlito Smith, Rich Helms, Carlos Pascual, Ingo, David Trebilcock, Matt Fischler, Jim Gallt, Gunnar Troll, Alex Fan, Piet Dijk, Bertrand Souville, Zolt?n Kis and many others.

We do not take donations. But if you are using Artisan in a commercial setting, it would make us (and some others) happy if you would donate to Coffee Kids <http://www.coffee...>, a non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of life for children and families in coffee growing regions around the world.

The Artisan team

PS: an extended TC4/PID support is under preparation..
Hi all,
Is it possible to export Artisan alarms to excel for editing and building profiles then importing them into Artisan?
Also is there a limit of how many alarms can be created in Artisan?
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