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Question about and old Gaggia Coffee machine?
Hi! I'm new here. I just bought an old Gaggia Coffee machine yesterday, and there is this little metal tube on the left side of the machine, that is SUPPOSED to attach to the upper part, in the diagram on the manual (that I found online) it is labeled as, "overflow". Does anyone know what this is for? I can't attach it to the upper area, and can't seem to figure out what might be missing for it not to. Thank you! :)
Well, this answers my question in your Rossi RR45 thread as to what kind of espresso machine you're using!

That overflow line is connected to an Over Pressure Valve (OPV). If someone grinds too fine and completely chokes the machine, the pump will pump and once the pressure limit of the OPV is reached, the water will flow back into the reservoir. Under normal operation it's not really used, so missing the tube shouldn't be a big deal. I'm not sure exactly which Gaggia you have- can you post a picture, or link to a picture you have on an image hosting site (or email one to me if you have trouble). The OPV is adjustable, and I tried to set it so that my pump pressure was limited to about 10 bar, but since it's coffee that restricts pressure, it's better to roast, grind, dose and tamp properly to restrict pressure... in other words, the OPV shouldn't operate under normal conditions- again, so you're fine.

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