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TC4 with RoastLogger
Thanks greencardigan,
I'll give that a try, as the supply voltage via the PC USB lead is around 4.8VDC.

Its Espresso, not Short Black
Tried a separate 9VDC power supply to power the TC4 but the locking up still occurs.
Strange thing is that it always happens towards the end or at the end of a roast.
My current work around is to restart the TC4 and RoastLogger after each roast.
Its Espresso, not Short Black
Maybe check to see if it happens at the same elapsed time each time? Maybe it happens at 60 minutes since powered up?


fg1972 wrote:Funny thing is that it always seems to occur towards the end of a roast at ~18:00 to 20:00 minutes.

What is going on with the output levels on OT1 and IO3 at the 18 to 20 minute mark? In particular, I wonder if the output level going to IO3 (for the fan) is being changed at or near the time of the freeze?

I will pass along that I had an identical problem with a different roaster, i.e., Hottop. I tracked it down to my USB cable. Either the cable was too long and was picking up interference from the motor, or it was because I had used an extension. I fixed it by changing to a short single piece USB cable.

Hi all, been away from the forum for a few months but still roasting weekly and resetting the TC4 between roasts and occasionally ruining a roast due to a lockup mid roast.

Elapsed time is never the same, usually between 16-20 minutes into the roast.

The OT1/IO3 output levels towards the end of a roast are pretty much where they are earlier in the roast. IO3 is usually around the 80% level and OT1 is hovering around 50-75% (nothing unusual)

I've just retired the PC I was using to run RLogger and put an old laptop in its place. I did a couple of dry runs without beans and had no issue whilst running on the laptop. I'll see how it goes next week with my back to back roasts.

If it still occurs, I'll try a shorter USB lead.
Thanks for the help guys.

Its Espresso, not Short Black
That should support very good temperature control.

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