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venison back strap
got a box yesterday, all nicely packed in dry ice, of venison. among the goodies is a couple of packs of backstrap...

looking for a new way to cook/serve - any thought?


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I'm assuming this is venison loin? If yes, it's an amazing cut and I like it better than any beef or pork loin I've ever had.

There are some methods of soaking overnight to remove any game off-tastes it may have but if not shot on the run and processed properly this shouldn't be an issue.

Marinate in apple cider overnight (not vinegar) apply a good rub of your liking after removing from marinade (at least a couple of hours in rub), make sure it includes some salt and brown sugar.

Grill hot enough to produce some bark for maximum flavor. Only take it up as high as necessary to be safe from undesirable critters and no higher.


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We generally do our backstrap on the BBQ. Usually we just marinate it in olive oil and crushed garlic. Definitely be careful not to over cook it

What species of deer is your backstrap from? We have lots of Javan Rusa in the hills here.
Thanks guys,

I usually use the BBQ even in the snow...

we have snow this morning but not much.

it is loin Allen.

I will ask my nephew what species it is, it's from the North Western LA woods.


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