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Grindmaster 250
I'm pretty new to trying to improve my coffee quality. I currently have about 10 roasts done with my Gene Cafe. I have a Chemex coming, but so far I'm still using a cheapie burr grinder. I saw an ad for a GrindMaster 250 for $150. I really don't know anything about grinders, much less commercial ones like this. I was hoping someone could let me know what they think about this grinder. Would this be better than something like a Baratza Perciso for drip, auto drip, French press type brews?

Thanks in advance.
got a picture?


where is it and how has it been used?
I don't have too many specifics. I saw an ad on Craigslist, but it says that it was labeled with a coffee shop name on it, so I guess it's from a closing coffee shop or something like that.
The Grindmaster 250 is a dual hopper portion grinder. It's designed to be used with a quantity of beans in one or both of the hoppers and it automatically drops a portion of beans into the grinding burrs. The user dials in the portion by turning a timer dial located behind a screwed on access cover.

If you're going to be using the grinder in a production or coffee shop setting then the "portion grinder" workings of the 250 would be a good fit but for home use you'd never want to keep beans in the hoppers due to staling potential. You'd need to drop in what your immediate needs are only which would make this grinder a little clumsy in my opinion. But, if you're a DIY'r/tinkerer you could remove the portioning hoppers and make your own bean funnel.

The grindmaster burr set produces one of the most consistent and fines free grinds out there and is especially suited for a coarse press pot grind.

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