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Huky 500
I am also interested in Huky. How long does it take to receive? Do you have problem at custom; delay, duty payment etc.? Thanks
Hi, Here's my experience ordering a Huky:
I sent my first inquiry to Mr. Li on 5/28 and got an immediate response.
Here it is:
The price of Huky 500 is 1078 USD (not including choose appurtenance & shipping fee)

Standard appurtenanceGriniversion pipe,fan,tray,funnel,AC adapter,tool (Attach picture)

choose appurtenance: 1.Digit thermometer:Artisan supported devices:


a.Center 300 Thermometer(Single input)-----58 USD

b.Center 301 Thermometer(Dual input)------70 USD

c. USB cable(Connecting to a Computer for Win )---24 USD

2.Infrared stoves (with Needle valve & Gas Pressure gauge ) : 96USD

3.Exhaust hood(attach picture)-----------49 USD

4.Extra probe (MET)------------------------15 USD Most buyers choose.

5.Extra tray-----------------------------------14 USD

6.Extra fan------------------------------------40 USD

7.Extra funnel--------------------------------12 USD

8.Extra motor set(Motor,Box,Switch)----78 USD

9.Extra motor---------------------------------18 USD

10.Extra drum----------------------------------98 USD

The freight charges By "Express Mail Service is "176 USD"

(Can receive in about 4~7days ),

You may pay by the wire transfer through banks or PayPal

My Paypal account is: Li Kuanho (kuanho.li@gmail.com)

After several e-mail exchanges - I was especially concerned about getting appropriate propane connecction - I ordered and sent paypal payment on 7/15. I received my Huky on 7/29 (They had a typhoon in Taiwan that slowed things down a bit). I recall it took about 5 days from the time he shipped to receive it. I did pay the express mail service charge - don't know if there's a cheaper alternative.

I did have to sign for it when it came. But no special duties or anything like that. Very simple

Thanks DickC, you helped a lot.
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