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Search function and Tapatalk suggestion
The forum structure (informational, master thread, categories, etc) is great the way it is.

1. Is it missing a Search function?
We all know the benefit of a search function.
2. What about a Tapatalk plugin? More info at http://www.tapata...patalk.php

Or perhaps there's a reason why these are not implemented.

Either way, great community here!
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There is a search function under the Navigation heading. Ginny will be the one to answer your plugin question.


KKTO Roaster.


We all know the benefit of a search function.

We have a search function, right in the navigation panel on the left...


is this what you were looking for?


what would be the benefit of tap-talk to this forum; I am not clear on it general purpose?
Oops I didn't see the Search function there! Was expecting those 'Type in keywords' and hit Enter button!

Tapatalk is an iOS and Android app that connects directly to forums. Connecting to forums via browser is the norm but with Tapatalk, we are instantly connected at all times.

Some of the benefits I enjoy with Tapatalk are:
1. Instant notifications when someone reply our thread/post. I understand there is a 'notify me via email' function already but Tapatalk skips the email part and takes us directly to the thread/post.
2. No reloading of web pages.
3. Better & faster connection to forums.
4. Posting appropriate photos/images to recommended sizes. No more transferring to computer, resizing and uploading again.
5. Most importantly in this case: Tapatalk users like me can write posts on the fly while we are roasting! I usually take manual notes on pen and paper and just re-type them in front of the computer. Sometimes I get too lazy to re-type my thoughts during the roast process, other times I just don't remember 'important' points that I like to share.

Tapatalk will only benefit users with the Tapatalk app though and if I'm not wrong, Tapatalk is now free! (Tapatalk 1 is free, Tapatalk 2 is a paid app).
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will check out taptalk, thanks.

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