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Cleaning solid drums?
az erik
Hi all, I currently have a Hottop and am finding myself going through a bit more coffee than I thought. I have been looking at the Huky and also debating building. But I keep thinking I'm missing something when it comes to cleaning.

Currently cleaning the HT is a CHORE and a half. And I usually leave that to do a day or two before I run about 8 roasts. Then clean again..

I read the Deidrick cleaning info and they don't seem to do anything inside the drum. Is it like the Bemhor where you ran a cleaning burn? (I'd be more than happy if this was the amount of time needed to clean inside the drum)
I've never cleaned the inside of my Huky solid drum, and have nearly 200 pounds of roasts on it over the last 18 months. It is "seasoned" by the oils, a very slick black coating on it.

The only maintenance I do on the huky, is every couple months soak the exhaust tube in some hot water/dish soap and scrub with a pipe brush, and add a drop or two of lube to the bearings.

Note the huky is messy, although most chaff gets sucked through the tube into the basket by the fan, some chaff falls down from the drum into its stove. Also, I get considerable moisture at the start of most roasts that leaks from the tube over the fan. The fan is pretty grungy, should probably wipe it down, if not clean it up a bit.
az erik
200#'s? Nice I was also wondering about that fan. Debated what I was going to do, if I built my own I wanted to find a fan like that, Or see if he'd sell me the bits as some of the overall cost of the huky didn't make much sense to me. Like the faster motor, if that included all the gearing as well etc.
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