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Theta Ridge Coffee - South Bend Indiana
Theta Ridge has been a wholesaler for greens to commercial roasters for sixteen years. I have purchased full bags from Theta Ridge and was very pleased with their service and prices. They just installed an online shopping cart system for homeroasters. You can now by small quantities from their offerings.

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Hi Dan,
Thanks for the link, it looks good. Nice to be able to buy large and small amounts. They don't seem to have the shipping costs listed yet. That is always a concern.

KKTO Roaster.
On the topic of shipping.
The US Post Office offers a lower rate Priority shipping.
It is "Regional Rate". https://www.usps....l-rate.htm

You can have the 'special' boxes shipped to you for free.
I got the Regional Rate boxes from Happy Mug, and I have been using it for about a year.
I have gotten 4 lbs of green in a Regional Rate A box.

Ken in NC
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Bonsai Doug
Nice bean pricing, but it would also be nice to see some harvest year info.
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I use the regional rate at Happy Mug too. Can't beat the price and 2 day shipping. (I work for the USPS).

Some places do not offer USPS as an option and steer towards UPS. Hopefully this place has different shipping options available.

KKTO Roaster.
The prices look great and the selection is good, too. Too bad I have 36+ pounds of beans ready to roast at the moment!

I'll give them a try sooner or later.

Anyone have experience with the quality of their beans?
I have been doing business with Thetaridgecoffee.com for several years now. The beans are of excellent quality. The owners name is Kevin and is very helpful and courteous. Another gentleman by the name of Roy works in the warehouse and also is very helpful. If you call them they will give you a pricelist of what they offer. They specialize in full bags wholesale, however will split bags all the way down to 1 lb. with a bit of a surcharge. They ship real fast. I have always received my orders about 3 days (FedEx) after order placement and I live in Connecticut. They are in Indiana. I would highly recommend them to anyone. ThumbsUp

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A usps shipping option would be good, shipping here adds $.50+ per pound over Happy Mug, depending. That said, if comparable quality, total price is lower than Happy Mug, so seem good place to try.
I just discovered Theta Ridge and gave them a try. Got 20 lb shipped in one day from South Bend IN for about $13 via FedEx ground, not bad on a per pound basis. Their packaging, labeling and delivery is excellent, and I really like the items I purchased -- at what I think are great prices. I got the Yirgacheffe, Kenya AA, and several from Brazil.

This was particularly good for me since I drive past South Bend every six weeks or so, and from no on I plan to stop in and pick up my orders to eliminate shipping costs.
So many beans; so little time....
Just returned a batch of decaf Nicaraguan, very poor quality beans
Forgot to mention all other beans I have purchased have been good , also they took care of the issue
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