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Fresh Roast SR700 Review Part 1
EDIT: The picture links don't embed. I'll have to upload them to my smugmug account and re-link.
I received my SR700 from the Raffle this afternoon, and decided to take some pictures and try to document my trial runs with it. I discovered that this roaster runs VERY hot compared to my Gene Cafe with a high temp of 519F. This resulted in a first roast in the Vienna range with a lot of charcoal beans using the default program.

A second attempt was made using a short drying time and a shorter time at high temp. This is mainly because I didn't see the temps during the first run, and only discovered them during the second. The second attempt did better, but was very uneven, with very light beans, charcoal, and even beans showing one half burned, along with a more normal looking roast.

This is going to cost some beans to get dialed in! It does a very good job of cooling the beans in the roaster, where I have to dump the beans from the GC in order to cool them rapidly. What follows are pictures and video of my first attempts. I'll break this up into multiple posts to make it easier to read.

The roaster was packaged securely in a second box with packing peanuts. I've had some places just stick a shipping label on the product box it's self, so it was nice to see that.

I thought I'd show the pieces as they were unpacked and had the oh so clever idea of using a fork for scale (instead of the Reddit bananna).
The roasting chamber

The chaff collector (two pieces). The chaff blow up thru the slots in the left hand piece and is trapped there.

It came with a mini-CD but the vendor's site says to download a more up to date version from them instead.

USB cord for attaching to a PC

The base

The base has two tabs that the roasting chamber keys onto. They are on opposite sides, so I guess this is an ambidextrous roaster. :)

Fully assembled

The instruction manual
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for contributing a review of the SR700.

All of your Dropbox links report that the file was moved or deleted. I edited the first few to try them out and used the [/url/] tag to make them clickable and easy to access instead of the [/img] tag.

The ability to edit your post lasts only for 1/2 hour on this site so I would suggest re-posting when you have all the file locations setup.

Just reply to this post with a re-do with the corrected file locations and I will fix it.
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KKTO Roaster.

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Jack or myself can help.

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we will assist Mike in making all work for his review.

stay tuned.

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