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simple chaff separation
I invent stuff all the time, not to say that all of my stuff is super intelligent, but I thought I would share what I created in 10 minutes, last night.

I made a chaff from bean separator.
I was given some sieves (screen bottom bowls) at work, like sifters, they have solid walls and flat bottoms. They are about 8 inches in diameter. I was hoping to put the beans in, and use a vac to suck the chaff off, upwards. So, what fits on there, and is a nice funnel shape, is the aluminum shade from one of those clip on lamps from home depot. Guess what, the 1.25" vac hose fits almost snug on the bulb side of the shade, and, my screen bowl matches the diameter of the shade. To create a better seal between them, I used a silicone hose around the perimeter of the bowl, by slitting its length and squishing it on.

Let's review the principal:
hot beans dump into the sieve
cover the sieve with the shade
Vac inserts into the top of the shade
Flip on the power while holding the two main parts together off of the table
Air flows through the bottom screen, but not enough to lift the beans, so only chaff is sucked away. I lightly shake the bowls to offer up loose chaff.
It works in about 10 seconds, then I dump out the clean beans into sealed jars.

I roast indoors, I can't afford chaff everywhere. This system works, its cheap and quick.

Now go make your own!

plus this:
Koffee Kosmo
I have used the double screen system for several years and it's a great system
It's incorporated in the bean cooler

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