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coffee drink, Choppin ?

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My self- contained bean cooler (sort of)
I've put together a pretty nifty bean cooler set- up, imho, that I've wanted to share and finally am, since a recent post inspired me to put a few finishing touches on it. In the process, I found something else that it could use that just might tie it all together. .blah,blah, here are the pics:
Lawnmowerman attached the following images:
20141124_221636-1.jpg 20141124_220726-1.jpg 20141124_221424-1.jpg 20141124_222137-1.jpg 20141124_222636-1.jpg 20141124_230246-1.jpg 20141202_123756-1.jpg

Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
The first pic is the self- contained cooler. I used the blower and center baffle from the Eurika vacuum that my parents bought new in the mid eightys. The blower section is fully airtight and is ported out the side through a vacuum cleaner snap fitting. Possible future expansion to a snap on fluid bed. Or maybe not. I dump the beans in and 3/4 lb loads are cool before I even realize how quick it was. But I really want a mixer. I might need to cool kilogram batches in the future and I've got all this junk lying around. Last pic is the paddles cut so they mix properly. The funnel would be needed because the can opener blocks easy dumping.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
My option besides fabricating an unsightly funnel for the top is this: the pan lid with the vacuum cleaner hose was supposed to be a bean sucker. But it doesn't work yet. Here's what it does do, however. If the lid is seated properly on the cooling tray,I can grip the lid and lift the entire cooler, ten pounds, when it's powered up. But at the end of the hose, hardly enough vacuum to feel when I block it with my hand. I have been meaning to work out the bugs but not that high up on my list. But if this did work, I could mount the mixer to the pan lid. That's what would tie it all together. Not fully put together but I figured this could benefit someone still in the planning stages of a build.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
It looks good :-) love the funnel
Mixer nearly done. Receiving jar doesn't quite receive all the beans, but everything else works great.
Lawnmowerman attached the following images:
20141206_135355-1-1.jpg 20141208_233230-1-1.jpg 20141208_233852-1.jpg

Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
To use that receiving jar do you just flip the whole thing over?
"Grind it like it did you some great injustice!"D.L.Clark
The tray removes with the mixer and flip assembly over. A little more work still.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
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