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Huky 500 Profile
I just upgraded from Gene and ordered Huky 500 raster! I realize it will require more inputs which is why I am writing this. What is your favorite roast profile? (brief, step by step) Thank you!
Lots of Huky users on Home Barista. It's either the best source of information for that roaster, or I'm wrong. What are the odds?

Small, classic drum roasters have more in common with one another than they do with fluid beds, or large drums; but your roaster is low mass, and mine is high. Remember that profiles are VERY roaster dependent and you can't expect identical results from roaster to roaster by following the same profile.

Give yourself a lot of time to learn your machine. It takes a lot of roasts before you know where everything is, get comfortable with inherent lag times, etc. etc. I'd been roasting with good equipment for a few years and it still took me almost twenty roasts to become really comfortable with my roaster, learn its limits and dynamics -- using a sensory approach; and another dozen to get to the point where Artisan became second nature.

For the past year or so, my roasts have been pretty much in the same style Scott Rao talks about in The Roaster's Companion, but I'd been using it for quite a while before Rao published. It's a very common sense approach, and to the extent my style is based on other roasters' it's mostly derived from Willem Boot and Mike Perry.

If you do read The Roaster's Companion, remember to take Rao's "Commandments" with a very large grain of salt, a good sense of humor, and more than a dash of tolerance. Trust yourself.

What follows is my style of roasting. There's no reason it should be yours other than a desire on your part to fool around with a bunch of different styles. When I say "my style," I mean this is the style of roasting I use most often. It's not the only way I roast, by any means.

As a sort of generic profile for SHG beans in small gas roasters:

I like an approximately 13min roast, with about 6:00 Drying (from Charge to EOD); about 4:00 Ramp (from EOD to 1stCs); and about 3:00 Development (from 1stCs to Drop) for a C+/FC finish.

I use fairly low air through Drying, except for a brief 20 - 30sec interval of full air at the 3:00 mark to clear loose chaff and early smoke; fairly low air through Ramp; and high air through Development.

I Charge everything but washed process at 300F, and washed process at 350F.

The sweet spot Charge load for my roaster is 400g. I understand that's the same sweet spot as the Huky.

Last, I know you're in a hurry to start cranking out great roasts. However, the real fun of roasting is developing your own profiles based on cupping (and a growing familiarity with your equipment) and bean -- not following other roasters' recipes.

Edited by boar_d_laze on 12/08/2014 5:01 PM
USRC 1lb Roaster, Chemex+Kone, Espro, Various FPs, Royal Siphon Vacuum, Yama Ice Drip Tower, Bunnzilla, La Cimbali M21 Casa, Ceado E92.
Rich, thank you for your wise words, much appreciated. My intention is to get a good starting point.
Great post Rich! Thanks for helping out.

KKTO Roaster.
As Rich says, there are many Huky 500 owners at home-barista. One thread (and to be specific, first reply by user KFir...) is the Learning my Huky 500 thread. KFir is one of the most knowledgeable Huky 500 users anywhere, having extensive experience with both type of drums etc.
That was the one thread from where I started up my personal tuning in to a good roast profile. I'm still honing and trying to perfect it, but it's a really good start.
Hmm, the "Edit" buttom doesn't work for me (I found out why..). Here's the rest...
I also came from a Gene which I outgrew. My Huky arrived about a month ago so I have a few roasts done. The Huky is a handfull at first, but I take you knew that.
You havn't specified drum or if you went with the IR heater, but anyhow, a first start would be to season the drum. I used veg-oil and the IR burner and a couple of hours. (You need to dismantle the hood, but that's about all.)
For the inside, that is best seasoned with coffee-oil. Try to find some cheap beans (Robusta???) of which you will drive a full load (500g) into French-roast territory. They should really sweat, without burning. When sweating, turn the heat off but don't dump the load. Let it rotate in the drum for some time to let off the oil inside the drum. This is also a good opportunity to learn about how the heat/fan/etc. reacts without having to care about producing good coffee.
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