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Squealing Pig or Dying Grinder?
So, a couple years ago I bought a used Baratza Encore because my arms were getting tired hand grinding. I cleaned it up and rewired the broken switch on it. Have had no issues with it, or the grind, until now. Recently, the grinder has been squealing when I turn it on. At first I thought it was because the beans weren't being fed into the burrs but soon discovered that it grinds while squealing.

The squeal is irregular and will "catch" most of time when the normal grinding noise ensues. Anyone have any squealing grinders at home that can shed some insight?
Could be lots of things, but sounds like a bearing in the motor has gone bad to me. That said, I would start by removing the burrs and seeing if there isn't something stuck under the bottom burr. Then inspect any seals between the grinding chamber and motor for wear/damage. Then I would remove the motor and run it outside the housing and see if it still squeals. Maybe someone else got better ideas.
I've been getting some squealing also with my encore. I had believed it might be a noisy gearbox. I haven't opened the gear housing yet. Not quite taken it apart that far. I will be keeping an eye on. I've been under the assumption that some coffee got into the gearbox. It's much to soon for a bearing to fail. This grinder is less than 2 years old. We might both be having squealing for the s as me reason.
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If gearbox, they sell rebuild kit for cheap https://www.barat...p;key=6395
Call Baratza on the phone. Last time i called them about the gear box rebuild I did on my Virtuoso, he asked me to run the grinder with the phone next to it. He said it sounded good. The rebuild didn't sound the same, so I was concerned I had done something wrong.
I think their customer service is great. Maybe they can diagnose the problem over the phone for you.

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Great service documentation on the Baratza site. You don't see this too often with other manufacturers.

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Yeah, I'll check out the customer support. It's a great, consistent little grinder for my pour over and espresso needs. Oddly enough, no squeals at all this morning - right after I ran some overly oiled Sbux beans for my mom, who's in town. Obligatory grind for her even though my current blend is far better coffee drink
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