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Gaggia MDF Grinder
I have Gaggia Classic espresso machine. Came across an MDF Grinder for $100. Worth it to replace my Baratza? Sadly, I just can't spend the $ on a Mazzer/Rocky right now.
CR, although I've never used one, the Gaggia MDF seems to be a great grinder for the money. I believe it has commercial burrs, and more grind settings than you should ever need. Some users claim that the doser is imprecise and somewhat messy when loading ground coffee into the basket.

Make sure the burrs are in great condition before paying. Given the added cost of replacing worn burrs, you might consider buying a new MDF from a web site offering deep discounts.

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Hey CR, as an owner of an MDF Grinder myself, I'd say if it's in good condition then go for it. It's a reliable machine, though it's a bit of a pain to use it aside from dosing for espresso. It has rungs on it to hold to portafilter, so it doesn't allow much else under the "spout". I find it's easiest to hold the grinder on an edge of the counter and use a funnel to use it for anything else. I've had mine for a little over three years now. The dosing handle-spring just now went bad, but I've seen things on how to easily fix it. It's not a serious problem, just a slight inconvenience. Hope this helps!
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It all depends on which model Baratza?

A Preciso, Vario, or Forte AP....... No way.

Any model below the Preciso, yes add the MDF and keep the Baratza for brew grinding.
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I have a Virtuoso I use for pour over, but have never considered trying if for espresso. I have a Rocky I bought 15 years ago when I bought my Livia 90 espresso machine and was never happy with it. converted it to a doserless but still really never ground good espresso. Several years ago I found Fiorenzato doge for $200, made tons of modifications to it and converted it to a doserless. It made a world of difference in the quality of the grinds.

Looking at pictures of the MDF, I don't see that much difference between it and the Rocky, so I don't think I would consider the Rocky much of an upgrade. Comparing the construction and quality of the Rocky to my Virtuoso, I would consider the Rocky for espresso over the Virtuoso if I had to pick between the two. Based on the price of the Virtuoso and the MDF, they both seem in the same price range, so not sure the MDF would be considered an upgrade. Now, if yours is an Encore and being used for esresso, probably most anything you buy would be and upgrade, just whether or not enough of an upgrade to make it worth the difference or not, don't know.
As above depends on the Baratza. I've owned a MDF and it's capable but not great. Easy to mod to stepless, decent grind, pretty slow.

You can usually find a super jolly or something on craigslist if you wait a bit.
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I was surprised that this thread was resurrected as I ended up buying the MDF almost a year ago now lol. Never saw a jolly or equivalent for the price point I was looking for. I ended up getting the MDF with base for $110 shipped.

Anyway, it is definitely on the slower end but produces a pretty good grind for my espresso needs. The vintage deco look matches my vintage Gaggia Espresso too so the base the came with it makes it seem like I've had it since the 80's Grin

I had been using it for espresso and for my BV1800 but quickly grew tired of the slow grind and dosing 58g of coffee into a cone filter. Now, I keep it for espresso grinds only and recently picked up a Solis166 for my upgraded BV1900.
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