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Best greens for beginners
Hello All,

I will be getting my first roaster, a Gene Cafe at the end of the month. Are any types of beans easier to roast than others? I am looking for something simple to start off. I prefer body to brightness, and enjoy chocolate and earthy notes in my coffee. I also plan on expanding to try many different types.

So, any ideas for beans or roasting profiles for the gene would be appreciated. Thanks.
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If there are commercial roasters nearby, that might be your best bet.
Start with the least expensive beans they will sell you (Brazilian?), and experiment at will. Should your first batch be undrinkable, toss it out and roast another. You may be surprised by how quickly your roasting skills improve.

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Not knowing where you live I suggest you check around, as Ciel suggested, get some cheap beans. Some local cafe or roaster will sell you some and roast away.

That said I would order a saple pack or to from Sweet Maria's and roast away.

It will not take you long to get the gist of roasting.Simply do not worry, just roast and it may be better to roast on the City to City Plus to start.

Plase let us know how it goes and post some photos of your roasts.

We have some profiles for the Gene Cafe in the downloads section and you must be logged in to download. Go to the top, see blue Download link and off you go...


I recomment some nice Costa Rica or Colombia.
I find them most forgiving.
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ginny wrote:
That said I would order a sample pack or to from Sweet Maria's and roast away.
A great way to start. Or consider building your own sample pack, perhaps to augment the SM one.

Review the Sweet Maria's descriptions looking at the roast range descriptors at the end. Phrases like "City to Full City" and "City to City+."

For your purpose a bean with a wide range like "City+ to Vienna" which currently applies to Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon, Nicaragua La Bastilla Llamada, and Sumatra Lintong Tano Batak. This indicates a bean with interesting results at over a wide range of roasts.

These are beneficial for learning. You've got wide latitude for your roast target and if you miss it you'll still (probably) hit something good for that bean. And if you can control the roast and hit the City+, the Full City, and the Vienna you've got a great trio for side by side comparisons.

(hmmm, the stash is down to under 20 pounds. Those three would be really nice supplements.)
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Great advice all around- you people know your stuff. Can't wait to pick up the roaster after my trip at the end of the month. I would go tomorrow if we weren't buried in snow outside of Boston ! Thank you
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