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Shopping List for PID
Hi all,

Recently I start roasting with a heatgun but if I know myself, soon I'll be looking for a better controlled and less dirty method for indoor use.

Since I live in Turkey we have difficulty to obtain all the necessary items when we need them. Next month a US based friend will visit Turkey and I can bring some items with him. Can you help me for the parts needed to convert a Kaldi Roaster to a PID controlled roaster. A TC4, PID? Links for the suggested parts are most appreciated since I know little and less about this topic.

Be in peace,

Firat Cingi
Not sure what you have you can use a PID. If you are using electric heat, you can control that, but if you are using a gas burner, that's going to be a difficult task. I don't see a means for forced air so there would be no blower speed to control.

Now, if you just want to monitor temps, for that, you don't need a lot. A TC4 or one of the other two channel temp monitors compatible with the data logger you plan to use and a couple of temp probes,. If you don't plan to use a Data Logger. Most any two channel temp monitor will work.
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