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Anthony's Coffee Machine
Yea, I knew some types of tubing give that plastic taste, especially the cheap clear kind. I'll have to experiment with a few types to find one that works. I think my espresso machine uses John Guest tubing for the steam and water lines.
looking great Anthony...

nice work.


Looking good.

stainless steel tubing with a flare connection would be your best bet for taste followed by copper and brass tubing (also flared).
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I welded the basket mount this weekend, the 308L-16 electrodes worked pretty well for the stainless. My welding skills still need work, haven't welded since I built my roaster last year.

When I welded the ring it slipped out of center. But it looks ok while the basket is in.

Also did a pressure test today and had a couple of leaks so I resealed everything. Cracked the jb weld trying to tighten the fitting so I will have to wait till tomorrow to do another test.

I ordered a tubing bender but it wont be in for another week. So I am using some copper and elbows for testing.

When I was working a peacock, decided to visit. I never seen one around here before.

I am using polyethylene pipe in the tubing. I decided to not run copper/brass/stainless pipe for the water line as advised for taste, because I am afraid I would lose to much heat.

AnthonyD attached the following images:
img_2423.jpg img_2436.jpg img_2440.jpg img_2441.jpg img_2442.jpg img_2443.jpg img_2446.jpg img_2450.jpg img_2435.jpg

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Hi Everyone!
I finally got around to finishing my coffee machine!

I was running into issues with how to handle pressure build up while heating the water. And it took me a while to source a normally open solenoid valve rated for the temperature (and within my budget).

Now the output from the heater goes to a tee and then a normally open valve that goes back to the reservoir, and a normally closed valve that runs to the basket.

I only have one thermocouple on it right now so I had to manually calibrate it so the water is ~205F while brewing. The heat coil cannot handle heating the water on the fly to brew temp so it brews in cycles.

A link to the photos

And a quick vid of it brewing:

Well it's not quite done, I still have some adjustments to make and need to calibrate the flow rate for measuring the batch. Also need to bend the tube going to the the brew basket a bit more so its centered. I shimmed it for now. But it brews!

AnthonyD attached the following images:
img_3956.jpg img_3955.jpg img_3954.jpg img_3953.jpg img_3944.jpg

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Wow! Nice job! It looks like you are using a commercial brew basket. Are you using a commercial spray head as well. I noticed a dramatic improvement when I replaced the shower head with the latest version.
About the only thing I would change is the carafe. I have learned to like the glass-lined air-pot type of carafe, because they are very good at keeping the product hot for hours...
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Yes, I am using a commercial basket and spray head as recommended by everyone earlier in the thread.

Spray head: https://www.amazo...00HNQ91U4/
Basket: https://www.amazo...008DVGJGC/ (found it cheap on ebay)

I was thinking about switching to one of those vacuum carafes. I originally went with glass so I could watch it brew. I could also raise the heater to contact the top panel to keep it warm.

I also forgot to mention I originally had issues connecting to the heater because of the metric threads. So cut them off and flared them so I could connect a silicone tube with a hose clamp. I got the flaring tool cheap from harbor freight. It was a cheap fix with no leaks.
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