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Hello from Bay Area, California
Hello everybody! Shawn from Pleasanton, California here. I've been tracking threads here for a while and have been grateful for the wealth of information. I've been roasting at home with a modified Poppery II for a while, and just recently got my hands on a Quest M3. It's been a blast, and I'm having a fun time learning to play with profiles.

I really only created my account so I could share some info on the Bullet R1 roaster coming this summer, but I look forward to talking to y'all regardless. Grin
Welcome Shawn!

You are off to a great start with the Quest. Thanks for posting the Bullet information. I think it is going to be another great roaster.

KKTO Roaster.
Hi Shawn, yes, welcome to our group! Keep us posted on how your roasts go with the Quest and we'll appreciate any updates you come across on the Bullet.

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Welcome Shawn in Pleasanton. Ben in Modesto, (from Manteca) . Do you intend to purchase a bullet? Seems like a way cool roaster. I like the price .
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Hi Shawn from California,

ginny here and most likely the only 5th generation Californian on this forum...

welcome and thanks for the Bullet input. I will get one as it seems to me to be the next generation home roaster available to us. there are lots out there but with a Hot Top and Quest my next step would be the Bullet as I do not want to pay the price for a "small sample roaster."

so again, welcome and please stop by when you can.


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