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02/25/2024 2:26 AM
morning, SigLover21

02/24/2024 5:12 PM
DancingDog Welcome

02/24/2024 1:56 PM
Eric , welcome cup !

02/24/2024 11:58 AM
Welcome new member jab Welcome

02/10/2024 3:00 AM
yaakman and Jugo, welcome to forum

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TC4 Roasting App
So you set the heater PWM at 40%, watch to reach the desired load temperature and then load ?
Yes, but also in other ways.
I do not use a fluid bed roaster preheating.

How you create the very first roast profile ?
Write and save as a .csv file.
See the picture:

From what I read so far I can't set a temperature value from the app, so if no profile available, should control power externally, right ?
Well, wrong worded above, by "control power externally" I meant using manual duty cycle commands.

Without connecting tc4 over bluetooth it will not be possible.
Application sends commands to TC4 and reads the data sent from TC4.

It seems that you need to see logged data from Mastech in Android.
Try csv grapher:
Close but no... crack :)
I did modified the app to work with mastech, not logged dat, but real time USB stream, and now proceeded to the next step, control process without a TC4.

Mastech don't allow download of logged data as csv files, afaik... puzzled...
I'm not entirely satisfied with:

The application does not work in any other Android language than English.
It is not possible to automatically control the fan by profile (for example Roastuino).
Auto zoom can not be turned off.
Dear Brad,

the App works really well in conjunction with a DIY roaster I built from an air Fryer. Having an Arduino with an HC-05 I can read temperatures and modify heat power using serial commands via Artisan or via your app.

I have been automating my roasts in Artisan using temperature-dependent Alarms. And I would be very happy, if you could maybe add Alarm functions to the app. In this way I could perform automated roasting via my mobile phone in my pocket. That would be awesome.

Any chance that you could add that feature?

Thanks for all the great things you have done for the community.

Regards from Cologne, Germany

Coffee roasting is not that kind of activity to perform unattended, imo.
Alarms are nice to have, but not for such purpose.
Also, this app does not allow the phone to go in the standby status, when roast started, so the touch screen will be active with phone in the pocket... a recipe for disaster...
Nicely Renato, of course it's humor.
The phone does not need to be put in a pocket,
but i also missed the automatic fan speed reduction ability in the TC4 android app .
That's why I still roast from a PC.
Sure, already complained about the lack of appropriate smileys for such cases, when is necessary to emphasise sarcasm or irony Grin
Sure, I do not perform unattended roasts. But I would still be happy to be able to roast automatically with my smartphone lying nearby instead of having to use a laptop with Artisan.
Sorry I haven't touched my apps in many years and I am unlikely to be adding any new features.
Any chance that you release the source code?

Regards and thanks
It is online for long time, not the current, but a mature enough version.
Already modified for my taste and needs of those times, to pull data from a Mastech MS6514 instead tc4.

Check here:

Beware what BT adapter are you using, is designed for old BT serial stuff, not for newer almost the norm today BLE. Check if your phone know to talk BT 3.0 before launching in this endeavor.
Edited by renatoa on 03/08/2021 2:34 AM
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