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Glad to hear the Bullet is performing well! Please post details as to your experience so far running the roaster and any idiosyncrasies to be aware of.

You state that it's a huge upgrade from the Behmor. I still roast on my Freshroast, Behmor and my very souped up 1 lb gas drum roaster. I love them all and while they're all different, I can get remarkable roasts out of all of them. I wouldn't say any of them is a huge upgrade from another but they each take time to learn what makes them tick and each one will appeal more to one person than another.

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I am curious about the response times of the bullet where heat is concerned. If you look at roasting profiles in Artisan for a gas roaster you will clearly see where heat was added or reduced to closely control the roast.

Since the Bullet is induction heat is it the same type of performance as gas or is there quite a bit of lag between turning up or turning down the heat and seeing it reflected in the Environmental temp/Bean Temp?

I have a HotTop at present and would like a small gas roaster, but if the bullet had good response times between increasing/decreasing heat and environmental/bean temp readings that correspond to those adjustments then maybe that would be the better choice.

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Having owned the Bullet for 2 weeks now I've roasted about 35 lbs of coffee. I've been roasting 800g of green beans per batch and I've dialed in some pretty good profiles so far. The software allows to playback profiles which has been very handy in creating consistent roasts.

I have no experience with gas roasters but being able to adjust drum speed, power, and fan speed allows to refine roast profiles and make adjustments as necessary. I don't notice any lag between the various adjustments and rate of roast. I love that I am able to simply plug it into my electrical outlet and start roasting.

I highly recommend this roaster.
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