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Beans Sticking in Drum
Anyone have this issue?

After every roast (5 so far on my new 1600+) I've had several beans stuck under the paddles (between screen/paddle) which left/stir the beans during rotation.

I guess it's not a huge problem. They're easy enough to pick out with chopsticks. But if I'm not careful to get them all out before my next roast ...the bean could loosing up, drop into and hide in the next roast.

Roasted some Peru Estate Organic (Fair Trade) yesterday. Measuring out the beans this AM I happen to notice a crispy burned beyond dead bean try to hitchhike a ride into my morning's brew. Not if I can help it!

Donno if one bean could taint a whole cup or actually be tasted? I'd rather not find out ...my tongue is working hard enough now just trying to sort out the nuances in today's cup

Cheers, Steve
SteveG attached the following image:

...Underdeveloped Roasted Being!
It happens with my turbo roaster too. I just remove them and make sure they do not find their way into my next roast.

KKTO Roaster.
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