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Temperature Monitoring with Poplite
Hello all,

I am starting out my roasting career/passion with a Poplite unit. It is currently un-modded, for now. I am roasting a batch of Lavanta's Papua New Guinea beans. I know I like lighter bright roasts that highlight the bean and terroir flavors. I'm not too sure I'm hitting the temp ranges to achieve this since I don't have a way to see what temp I'm actually roasting at, I believe I need to hit about 426 deg F for a light city to city roast I could be wrong.

I have ordered and received a thermocouple to monitor the temps during roasting as well as a glass chimney to try to help minimize bean escape during the roasting.

My question for this post is where is the optimum location for the thermocouple? I have both a rigid probe and a flexible probe. At this moment in time I am not looking to record temp data I'm just looking to monitor the temp data.
On my p1 it was thru the metal, just below the glass. But that presumes you have striped away the plastic shell.
I drilled through the plastic housing and the chamber at a height of 40 mm / 1.5 inches above the air inlet grid at the bottom. For my set-up with the funnel insert, this results in the beans continually circulating over the copper tube the thermocouple tip is mounted in with the intent of getting more of a bean mass temperature than inlet air temperature.
So many beans; so little time....
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