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I'm not surprised that Japan would take iced coffee to a much higher level! I can't wait to give this a try.

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Yeah, I am gonna try this too
Sounds like "Flash Brew". Really nice method. I'm hoping that more of the Third Wave starts to embrace it. George Howell uses this method and completely avoids the dreaded "cold brew".
Light at the end of the tunnel for iced coffee drinkers! Thanks for the post!
yeah, I am going to try it as well.

cold brew has always left me weary and it seems as though the entire world is going nuts over it there is a website that has changed it's name and is going all cold brew I will find the article and post it I find this stuff all day and stick it on a stickie and then wash the shorts with the paper still attached to the inside of my pocket...

will try to do better, I am now simply taking a photo with my phone so it will live forever in a cloud someplace!!


Flash Brew?? I see a coffee bean with curly black hair in leggings dancing to the tune of "She's A Maniac" with water being dumped over at the end. Howzat for a visual?????

Can we get a dancing coffee bean emoji??

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I had some a few years ago at Waking Life Espresso in Asheville. It was spectacular. I have since done it on the scale in a Chemex and the Hario V60.
So good.
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Has anyone here used the BeanPlus, Osaka or Iwaki Water Drip Cold Brew Dutch Coffee Makers? Only 3-4 hours for several cups. Not grinds sitting in water overnight, but drip coffee. Just curious, are these good, bad, indifferent coffee makers?

Aisu kohi??!! hahaahahha, here I was thinking of special knives given to mystical orders of guys in black pajamas running around on rooftops given to assassinations. But it ain't that complex after all.

'Aisu' is just a phonetic way of saying 'ice' and similarly, 'cohi' is 'coffee' because the Japanese do not have any 'f' sounds in their vocabulary unless its at the beginning of a word, like 'fukushima'.... and even then is pronounced very windy, almost 'hukushima'. We just don't like no steenkin F's. Having an 'f' sound in the middle of a word is considered rude and uncouth, so its never done. So, coffee becomes cohi. Just made smile smile

Sounds interesting, gotta try this one. Has anyone done it? does it need the accompaniment of syrup or anything? I'm vegan, so the cream is out... and I'm in Hawaii, so hunting down an ice cube is a tall order smile
We always (since we got the Chemex) brewed ice tea this way..I tried it a couple of times with coffee, but I still like hot drip better..
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Since things are starting to warm up in the North East and spring is on it's way I though I would revive this old thread of what I believe to be the best cold brew method that maintains as much of the bean character as possible.

See the original link or search online but it's essentially replacing part of the brew water with water in ice form and brewing directly over it.

A couple things to add - first you can put the ice in a chemex and it will fit under a technivorm or bonavita to brew directly into.

Second here is the best coffee to ice to water ratio I have found (weights are about right for a technivorm/chemex combo but ratios should work for whatever)
425 Grams Ice
72 Grams Coffee
680 Grams Water

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I've found "cold brew" to taste a bit to vegetal for my liking. Something similar along the lines that I started seeing in coffee houses with their light roasts. Not meaning any disrespect to anyone who enjoys that sort of cup.

I'm of the understanding that the pouring over of coffee was a process. The first part of the water dampening the grind and the rest of the water causing the resultant to go from strong and concentrated to eventually weak and bitter. Getting that balanced ratio of water to ground being hugely important. If you subtract an amount of water from the process to account for ice, are you not fully extracting the flavors from the grind?
redbranch I would say if you want something cold give the above a shot. I would never suggest that it has the full complete flavor profile as a hot cup but when it's hot outside and you want something cold it's pretty refreshing. This method has imho the closest to a hot brew......and it's freaking chilly.

98% of the time (that's an exact percentage) I'm doing drip/espresso but mmmmm when it's hot cold brew is nice roar
Honey badger 1k, Bunn LPG-2E, Technivorm, Cimbali Max Hybrid, Vibiemme Double Domo V3
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