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Where to get P1 Chimney?
I have just picked up a P1 to see what all the ruckus was about :). So far its been fine (only did a couple roasts in it), but I want to dive head first into modding it, since my P2 knockoff already does roasts just fine, thankyou. I wanted a larger chamber to try something approaching 6 to 8oz at a time... but I see that the chamber most coveted for this build is something called a Bake-A-Round DUO chimney, which is supposed to be the same size as the existing black bakelite material so I can just build a see-through chimney with it... but being 1970's production, the DUO is difficult to find. Does someone know of another source for a comparable borosilicate chimney? I can easily fabricate a metal chimney, but I love being able to see the beans to judge done-ness and color.

I hear the SR500 uses a chimney that is the same diameter, and it is available and cheap, but it looks a bit short. Since I plan to probably ditch the bakelite housing and just go with a pyrex chimney, I think I need the taller Bake-A-Round. The common bake-a-rounds on the 'bay are slightly larger diameter, I gather... around 3 5/8? or so. Marginally so, and I've been thinking of just making an adapter so that this size chimney, still easily available, can be used. Since a tilt to the machine will make the beans go up on one side, the slight flange difference should not make a difference. Has anyone tried using the slightly larger bake-a-rounds?

I use 3 inch hurricane lamps from Menard's, etc. Cheap, never had one crack due to heat. I was roasting about 10 oz that way. However, you will probably have to boost the fan voltage to get the bean mass working.
Btreichel, my thanks! I've ordered a few to try out. ...very inexpensive! the shape is a little different, they are not straight tubes but rather there is a small bulge in the middle, like you'd expect from an old style lamp... but still, its pleasing to the eye and should hold all the beans I'll need for a week's worth of coffee.

Now, give it about a 15 degree tilt, that will help bean circulation.
P1 is pretty amazing. For larger loads, you might need to agitate manually with a chopstick until the beans start circulating well. +1 on the tilt suggestion being necessary.

I see you're in Hawaii (lucky), but if you want to roast outside in very cold weather, grab a large cardboard box. Partially closing the top 'flaps' as necessary to recirculate just a bit of warm air as needed without the chaff being sucked back into fan.

Oh, and watch out for that storm headed your way.

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
Yep, I happen to have two variacs, so I was using one on the heating coil and one on the fan and boosting the fan to about 130+ volts at start, and down to around 90 at finish. Then I went and tinkered too much, gave it computerized profiling and bored myself with 'push button' roasting.
Hahahahaha, I'm also thinking of doing the TC4C thing! or at least getting a PID to take over the chores.... and frankly, not sure if that's the best way to go. I'm struggling with the idea of delegating too much autonomy to the digital controllers and taking the roast process out of my hands... yes, you gain in repetivity and consistency, but is there a real human gain to be had? where's my free will to produce a bad roast? It does become somewhat of a chore, though, doing small easy batches.... which is primarily why I dove into the P1 anyway, just so I can do one or two batches a week rather than 3 or 4. ALTHOUGH... I kinda like having 3 or 4 different beans available to me at a time, as I find that blending them (roasted beans) into the grinder usually produces a better cup than a single origin bean can muster on its own. For instance, I usually have at least one tablespoon of darkly roasted beans like Guatemalan Huehuetenango for the rich chocolaty notes and strong smokey flavors, but its too strong by itself, so I usually add a tablespoon of Ka'u beans for sweetness and a tablespoon of Ethiopian for blueberries and dried fruit/citrus... the combination is wonderful!

Chad, thanks for the warning! (we have 2 hurricanes approaching the islands now). AT least I"ll have coffee if they hit. Currently I use a single router speed control on the whole thing and a stirring stick to make things go round at the early stages, where there isn't enough airflow to move the beans. I do have to pick up a Variac to do the 140v on the fan side... can someone point me to a listing for one? I know the Chinese made cheap knockoffs of the original variac, I do have an original I use on my foredom, but its only rated at 5A I think. Although the fan should require less than that I don't want to dig in the garage and take apart my foredom setup each time I roast.

If I remember correctly the fan is about 115 watts.
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