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help to a beginner
I try with less beans?
still I wait to do other modifify?
I would. One thing at a time.


pandiani wrote:

OK done.
Correct me if I'm wrong:
A: hot wire (220 volts)
D: provides power to the fan
E: I have to start a new electric wire which will be connected to the new power cord?
B: I have to stop and use it with the new line along with E?
B and E are two main heating coil wires are ready to the new heater power cord
how many questions
I probably made mistakes, now tell me,
step by step
and thanks

From what I've studied these days, I think I should change several wires that are not what I thoughtShock
I can't see see your a,b,c numbers. However, here are some other instructions.

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Thanks I had also seen this link, let's say that I have seen them all, or almost all, but a little afraid of me, you put itGrin
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