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Kitchen-Aid A9 Grinder
I was recently given this guy from a co-worker and had never seen this model before. Some quick research shows it would have been made some time between 1938-1950, and they released a "retro" version some time in the last few years. Motor seems to run pretty smooth and did a decent job grinding 30g or so. Anybody take one of these apart? I'd like to give a good clean, and maybe repaint the base and selector ring. Could look really sharp on my counter.
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I don't have any information Brandon but I think it is a very cool grinder!

There may be someone here who can help.

Thanks for posting it.

KKTO Roaster.
Actually there is a PDF manual http://www.kitche...707030.pdf

Look here also. http://softlyscra...enaid%20A9
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Thanks! I did see the kitchenaid manual, but it's for a "retro" version they released sometime after the original, so I didn't know if they copied just the style or if the inside is more or less unchanged.

I'll grab some pictures of the guts when I get it apart.
That is a really unique looking grinder. I love the glass jar on the top, it almost looks like a big mason jar. I'm interested to hear how well it grinds.

Brandon, I bought my parents the "retro" version of this grinder some time back. If they are similar, and I have no reason to doubt that they are not, 2 things come to mind: 1) the grinder rotates at high speed and so makes a bit of noise because of the Rpm's of the motor, and 2) DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT lift the little flapper covering the orifice where the coffee exits while grinding. That flapper keeps the coffee from spewing all over the place as it's being ground. Ask me how I know you shouldn't lift it! Grin
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That's good to know. That would almost certainly be me at some point!
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