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Err 7
Tele Savalas
My 1600 finally died, so I got a new 1600 Plus. Have roasted two one-pound batches, and both have been interrupted by the "Err 7" message. The first happened about 14 minutes in and it is a very light roast, but probably usable. The second was a slightly smaller batch and therefore made it through first crack, and that is actually right about where I like this bean (Panama Boquete Geisha).

But I do like to go full city plus and even darker with some beans. I do understand that this new error is related to the new "manual" options in the Plus, but should it really be interrupting my roasts?

I have a question in to tech support, but while I'm waiting for their response, I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
I found this in an online search. I don't own a Behmor.

The LED screen will flash when the roast is 75% done. Press ?Start? at this point or the roaster will automatically go into cooling mode and Error 7 will appear on the screen.

I think this is from the manual. It is something called an auto safe/ unattended switch. I guess it is in case you set it up and forget about it.

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Jack is correct. I own a Behmor 1600 Plus and the roaster will shut down if the machine is left unattended. At the 75% mark, the display will blink on and off. You have 30 seconds to press the start button or the roaster goes into cool down and flash err7.
I wish they had an audible beep like Hottop but my 1600+ just blinks and expects you to whack it so that it will continue.

Don't daydream. Watch the roaster and when it "asks" if you are sitting there, tell it yes by pressing a button so that it can continue.

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Tele Savalas
Great - now my roaster doesn't trust me!

I will just set a timer for the 75% audible part. I understand it now as a safety feature, but the wife is not going to like it. As it is, we've both been using a timer to let us know when first crack is coming up. We'll just have to set it a bit earlier. Thanks for helping me understand that.
Their new Behmor 2000AB+ has a beeper for the safety. Also has a few updates in drum speed and update rate of the temperature readouts. I have one and it works very well.
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