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Any Eastern MA HUGS?
I'm rather new to home roasting and feel my roasts are now at a level to share and criticized. In a good way where I could learn to improve. Naturally, I would do the same in return. The warmer weather is here and backyard roasts would be fun.
Anyone out there want to tag up for a roast or three?
I'm Western Mass (Wilbraham). About a year ago, there were a few members interested and I'd planned to host some folks here but never actually did it.

I'm game! If people want to come here, we can pick a date in the next month or two, or I could travel East.
Thanks for the reply Barry.
We should set a date mid to end of May. I think my roaster will be stable by then. ;). My roaster is a DIY heat gun contraption that I recently hooked up to Artisan and it works ok. Some minor glitches, but I'll get there very soon.

I'm thinking of roasting at this event. You too? Naturally sipping an espresso or two. I've been roasting in three's. All about 140gms each. I've got some nice Brazil, Columbia, Kenyan and some SM Al Plato blend greens.

As for a place to meet, I know you likely won't have traffic like around here. My property is 3/4 acre with a decent BBQ spot in the back. I am more than happy to run out your way.

Anyone else interested?
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