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FOR SALE: Salvatore HX E-61 Single group espresso machine
You are inquiring about a custom made espresso machine made personally by Salvatore at his factory in Solvang, California. If you want to see detailed pics of the machine please email me at

This machine is an HX Style single group. It has a no burn steam wand and hot water wand. Pressure is set to 1.35 bar. Solid copper boiler and internals. Ultra-robust construction. Excellent condition. Really, like new.

I'm selling this machine because I used it very, very little. I used to drink espresso every day when I had my Pasquini Livia 90 (which I also sold to buy this machine), but then I started home roasting coffee. Now I drink regular coffee every day. I have made less than 50 drinks on this machine. It sets around 99% of the time.

Salvatore provides a 6 year warranty on this machine. I bought it in 2014 so there should still be three years left. I will check with the company to see if it is transferable.

The only issue that I have found was when the machine was shipped to me from the factory. There were some tiny marks on the group head that they could not explain. We worked something out which included a bottomless portafilter to make up for it. The machine comes with 2 portafilters (one bottomless), single and double group baskets, and blank for back flushing.

I originally paid about $1,800 for this machine. Selling for $1600 If you want to make an offer, I may consider it, but please no lowballs, I won't reply.

If you know how to make espresso or would like to learn, this is a fantastic machine.
Don't forget that the quality of the grinder is just as or more important than the espresso machine!

I can ship but cost depends on location.
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