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Using a TC4 with Artisan Roaster Scope
So confirming that with the LCD connected, i'm getting an Artisan splash screen followed by a status screen.

AT is showing 23, ET and BT both show 22 and Fan is showing 22% - I currently have nothing plugged in apart from the LCD and the USB, so I assume these are just generic values for now.

Now I wait for my thermocouples to arrive and see how it goes!
Dare to have a look to the serial log, to copy here some lines ?
These generic values looks suspicious to me :) To much two digits there... Grin
Here we go -

version = 2.4.6

4 16:50:38.893 ArduinoTC4: COM3,115200,8,N,1,1.0 || Tx = READ || Rx = ['23.8', '22.1', '22.2', '0', '27', '0']|| Ts= 22.10, 22.20, -1.00, -1.00, 0.00, 27.00

3 16:50:35.900 ArduinoTC4: COM3,115200,8,N,1,1.0 || Tx = READ || Rx = ['23.8', '22.1', '22.2', '0', '31', '0']|| Ts= 22.10, 22.20, -1.00, -1.00, 0.00, 31.00

2 16:50:32.894 ArduinoTC4: COM3,115200,8,N,1,1.0 || Tx = READ || Rx = ['23.8', '22.1', '22.2', '0', '31', '0']|| Ts= 22.10, 22.20, -1.00, -1.00, 0.00, 31.00

1 16:50:29.900 ArduinoTC4: COM3,115200,8,N,1,1.0 || Tx = READ || Rx = ['23.8', '22.0', '22.2', '0', '28', '0']|| Ts= 22.00, 22.20, -1.00, -1.00, 0.00, 28.00
Looks ok, seems you have a 10F/5C degrees shift of ADC.
That's because zero voltage at input means 0C = 32F temperature.
Could be noise from the environment, if the inputs aren't shorted, when no TC connected.
When TC arrives you can check the temperature at boiling point of water.

If you decide the offset is annoying and want to calibrate the temperatures, then check the line below in sources:

  adc.setCal( CAL_GAIN, UV_OFFSET );

... replacing UV_OFFSET with 40 * offset C degrees, i.e. 200 for 5C degrees offset
Thanks for that, very much appreciated! Hopefully the TCs aren't too far away, all shipments have been very slow of late!
A reason of the above issue could be how is the board cased/vented, related to the cold junction compensation.

If using a closed enclosure, heat can accumulate inside, and shift the AT sensor value from the real ambient value.
In an ideal world, the AT sensor should be placed stuck to the TC connection terminal block, if possible even to the screw metal, because that is the point what we call "cold junction".
This terminal block usually is exposed to open air, so could be considered closer to ambient temperature than the AT sensor, which is located inside the case.
We can see in the data above there is a 1.6-1.7 degrees (23.8-22.2) difference between AT and TC values. This is the temperature difference between the TC connector and the sensor location, some cm away on the board.
Even if this difference can be compensated in the software, if the enclosure is not well vented, will shift in time.
So it was set up on my desk in an enclosure that was open. Next to no heat sources or anything like that. Didn't realise the TC had an ambient sensor on board - that's good to know.

I did receive my TC's but currently away from home this week - looking forward to trying some roasts this weekend!

Thanks again
So I did 2 roasts the other day - First was an Indian Elephant Hills followed by an Ethiopian Sundried Gambella

The Elephant Hills was first, and way too fast. I preheated to 120C and dropped - had temp then set to 450C on the heat gun. Dropped around 210C - whole roast only took 6:45

Tried the Ethiopian Sundried next, didn't preheat and started at 380C, but dropped it and moved it around a little bit during the roast. Still too fast, i'll start at 350C this time around.

These were my second and third roasts ever - and first since I have had thermocouples. Both roasts were 400g

I'll be doing another Elephant Hills later today - any tips/suggestions (apart from further reducing temps)?

Not sure if this would be better suited in another thread

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