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220V relay board set up with tc 4
Hello , any of you have a wiring and component set up for 220 V 40 amp
pid controller with relays ? I see long strings on the TC-4 but that is just the controller am I wrong.

Hi KG,
I'm assuming you're referring to 240 volt american residential single phase (two 120s that are 180 out of phase)? If yes, then you'll need to run one hot (120 volt) and one neutral to power the PID controller and for the high voltage power to a heating element you'll run one hot (120 volts) through a solid state relay and wire the second hot to the other leg of the heating element giving you 240 to the element.

I'm assuming you're not working with euro 220 which is a 220 volt hot and a neutral?

Let us know if you're working with something altogether different?

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