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Poppery 2 and Artisan
Hi all,
I'm new here so forgive me if this is a FAQ question. I hunted but could not find anything.

I just laid hands on a Poppery 2 and would like to mod it to run with Raspberry Pi or Arduino control (or something). I've roasted manually for years until my last popper died. I'd like to improve my setup and make my roasts more consistent and repeatable.

In searching around I stumbled across Aritsan - wow that looks amazing. I'd like to be able to mod the Poppery to integrate with it. I really assumed there'd be a standard page documenting it but can't find it. Is there such a page, link, forum post? There must be. :-)

Or maybe it is a dumb question and someone can explain why. I'm open to ideas.

Thanks in advance,
either a tc4, which seem unavailable, or look here.

The popper models I know available here in EU have a different motor connection, there is no high resistance coil, but a tap at about 1/10 of the main heater coil, that provide about 19V for the motor.
This connection don't allow switching the heater to modulate the power, because the fan will be also affected, resulting in airflow variations.

Back to OP question, you have here another implementation of this concept, Roastuino:
It is too bad about TC4 availability at the moment. No news on that front I assume.

@btreichel - thanks, will investigate.

@chaff - thanks for the great info. Would be much appreciated if you could post your links (not sure on the terms on thie forums though)? Would be interested to peruse before making a final decision.

@renatoa - thanks for the link there too, that's one I hadn't stumbled across. Will look into it as well in more detail. Many thanks!

Much appreciated everyone.
Interesting, I was thinking a R Pi for a dedicated controls display running artisan. Just the std serial (aka serial monitor in the IDE)? Done the MQTT, and the esp8266? With the UNO. What are you using for a broker? BTW, done the 31855, now prefer the one wire 31850. Doesn't suck up analog channels, and gives nice stable readings without having to do any post processing.
You're right, i was using an 8495, and yep get a lot from adafruit. I like their i2c lcd backpack. Adds 4 pushbuttons, and reduces wire count;again. Btw rpi will run misquito, however, I have an old win7 machine that looks alot like a file server. My esp 8266, just handles the wifi, the UNO does a lot of other stuff. One verision is ssr, another is, ac phase, and one, will be controling a gas valve. I also have a stepper version, and a bldc motor.
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