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Rewire Bunn OL35 Brewer
So I think I may have stumbled on a pretty amazing deal...

I found a Bunn OL35 on eBay shipped for $60... I know, right? The risk is that the seller didn't know if it brewed/worked because its wired for 240v and he didn't have access to a 240v outlet.

I bought it for our new church building per a really old conversation on this forum (long story but old one burned in a shed fire) and don't have 240v access either. Can I rewire it with a 120v plug?

Probably a dumb question Roflmao
I looked at the spec page and it says 120v/240v which means it can be wired for either, correct?
If it say so, then I guess it can be done...
Usually such export devices are done using two 110V heaters, wired in series for 230V countries and in parallel for US/110.
There should be a connections box somewhere under a cover.
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