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Modified Popper with Chaff Collector by thirddayhomeroaster
Here's my final entry. Note the collar I added above the cooling area in the chimney area to accomodate the extra glass. When I finished, I thought, "This is finished. There's nothing else I could do to it." Five minutes later PID's crossed my mind. I see another mod in my roaster's future. And just now, I thought, what about a high wattage dimmer switch from ebay to run the heating element instead of off-on? Or maybe just build a new roaster from scratch? No wonder this hobby is so addictive! Off to work on my friend's popper mod.
thirddayhomeroaster attached the following image:

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I read your entry with great interest.

I really liked the way you controlled the ambient temperatures as well as the nifty chaff collector. I thought your article was very well written and I appreciated your sense of humor.

The only drawback that I found in the article was that it was hard for me to tell what you were doing from the pictures. By that I mean that it wasn't until I was on the second page before I got the Big Picture. Even then it was still a bit confusing because the starting picture and the ending picture were quite different. Maybe a diagram inserted early on would help. Hmm, that's a lot of words to describe what is truly a very minor point.

I really liked your entry. If I ever return to my native Michigan, I will definitely be setting out to make one of these. A necessary accessory it is.

Nice job. s:2
I wish I had this kind of talent ... :(

Your sheet metal work is superb, especially considering the Hi-Tech equipment you used (as mentioned previously). GrinGrinGrin

Great work!

Eddie Dove

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