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I'm new to roasting and am trying to understand how rate of rise effects flavor. Is the idea to get the beans to a certain temperature quickly, and then slowly increase temperature, or slowly increase temperature the whole time?

What works best to give Brazilian beans a sweeter flavor?
I roast mine to where they reach their lightest color in four minutes, which is 300F on my roaster. They are yellow in five minutes @ 320F and going cinnamon in six @ 340F. They are hitting FC in nine minutes @390f and a strong FC in 9:30 @395F. As the last bean is snapping at 10:45 @408F I'm ending the roast.
The deeper you go into the roast from there, the more body they are going to have. I never roast them into the second crack, unless I screw up. I will take them to within a degree or two of it for espresso, but even in espresso, I don't care for a super strong bodied roast.

Brazilian is a strong bodied coffee and I mix it with a Ethiopian bean I roast a good bit quicker than the Brazilian to the end of it's FC. This coffee has bunches of flavor but very little body. I mix them at 1/3 Brazilian and 2/3 Etho and it's makes a good morning cup of coffee.
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Thank you. I have a Behmor 1600 and will give it a try
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