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Baratza Virtuoso vs Breville Smart Grind Pro
I currently roast with a Behmor 1600 Plus and brew with a Bonavita drip brewer. My current grinder is a Capresso that I purchased at Costco. I?m considering replacing it with one of the 2 above mentioned grinders. On the surface the Breville seems to be a better value for the money but am concerned about a relatively high number of negative reviews. Everyone seems to love the Baratza.
I?d greatly appreciate any insight that would help with this decision.
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I use a Capresso at the office as I do pourovers there since the free office coffee is terrible as is their city water. My home grinder is a Baratza Virtuoso. I love the consistency and wider variety of settings versus what the Capresso can do.
Thanks so much for the reply. I appreciate the information.
Welcome Ken!

I have the Baratza Encore and find it very reliable. The Virtuoso is a step up and I think you will like it for pour-overs.

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Baratza is simple, well built, and easily maintained (cleaned and repaired). Repair parts are readily available for all models they have ever made AND they are very reasonable not to mention simple to repair.

I can't speak for any other grinders. I've owned a number of Baratza grinders

I do own a capresso and I agree with you on that grinder. It is better than a whirly blade but other than that, it is right at the OK level. I got mine at Goodwill for $4 and had to think about spending that much since I already had a Forte BG.

Glad I bought it as it grinds the odd robusta for the moka pot. Far easier to weigh out what I need in the empty Forte bin and toss the weighed beans into the capersso then grind it all than it is to fiddle with removing the hopper, clearing out the remaining beans in the Forte's throat and grind a single time, then put it all back together again.

I'm still looking for a 2nd grinder (you can tell how much I like the capresso)

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Thanks Jack & Turtle for your comments. Much appreciated. Looks like the Baratza is the one. I?ve read good things about buying a refurbished model so I think I?ll go that route.
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