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My Coffee Quest
Hello from Southern NJ. I normally drink K-cup coffee when I'm at work, so at home on weekends, I like to indulge with something better. I have been buying premium commercial coffee online that comes in a vacuum packed metal can. I like how fresh the coffee tastes when I first open a new can. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks the coffee starts to
go stale, and since I only brew coffee on the weekends, it takes me 6 to 8 weeks to finish a can. I tried various products and methods for storing fresh ground coffee which only made minimal improvements.
The next logical step was to try buying whole beans, and grinding them right before I brew. That was ok, but all of the different beans I tried weren't very fresh to begin with.
This weekend, I just tried home roasting for the first time using a cast iron skillet outdoors. It took me three attempts to get a good roast with some basic Columbian Supremo beans. I think my results were good enough to explore a little further. I figured I should register here, in case I run into any questions.
Good nick you choose... be sure will follow a storm... of questions... Grin BBQ grill
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