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Iced Coffee drinks?
It may be hard to believe (after all the years I've been drinking coffee), but I just recently discovered how much I like iced coffee drinks like the one's you can get a *$'s, etc.

I'd be very interested in hearing what products and favorite recipes you folks are using that like coffee prepared in "cooler" fashion. I've had an espresso machine (Isomac Rituale) for years, so I'm good for providing that component of an iced drink. I'm not so sure what all else goes into these drinks. They appear to have some milk/creme of some sort, flavorings, etc involved in the mix.

Any help would be appreciated,

the epresso machine just provides you w/ the base for iced espresso drinks (iced latte, iced Americano, iced mocha, etc). for iced coffee *$ style you need double-strength hot-brewed coffee, something with acidity, like a wet-processed African or Central American coffee or blend thereof (i actually prefer *$ iced coffee over others because of the acidity, which helps cleanse your palate and make the drink more refreshing-most places use cold brewed "toddy" coffee concentrate... yuk, lingers forever and has no brightness whatsoever). for a single serving of hot-brewed iced coffee, i use 1/2 cup of coffee (ground like you normally would for drip) brewed w/ 1.5 cups (12oz) of water. add 1.5 cups of ice to the brew, swirl around to let it melt, pour into a cup half-full of ice. great summertime cuppa.
for iced lattes, add your desired amount of espresso to milk, add ice.
for flavored iced lattes (including mochas), start w/ syrup (or sauce in the case of mochas, much thicker and better than mocha syrup, i recommend guittard or ghirardelli), add shot(s) and swirl into syrup/sauce, add milk, then ice.
for iced Americanos, add shots to water (at least twice as many shots as you'd use for a latte) then add ice.
you may have noticed, ice is the last thing you add in all of the espresso-based recipes. make sure you keep it this way. pouring espresso directly over ice (or vice-versa) will make it taste burnt and bitter.
My coffee cup has a 5.5 cup capacity, I add 6 TBsp of sugar, 8oz of milk, fill to top with ice (about 3 cups), 4oz esspresso mixed with 4oz of hot water fills it to the top. I get plenty of chocolate taste with this Bolivian Colonia Chichijpani at Fc to FC+ roast as I write this.
Make at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm and enjoy all day long.
My fave cold coffee recipe is:

1 double-shot of espresso
1 tsp sugar, dissolved into espresso while still hot
6 oz whole milk
4 ice cubes
I don't drink iced coffee very often, but when I do, I brew coffee double strength and pour into a bowl or pitcher with and equivalent amount of ice and store in fridge. Since I drink my iced coffee black too, I make coffee ice cubes as well and use them so the drink doesn't get weak as the ice melts.

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I recommend trying an espresso milkshake! I make these fairly often in the heat of the summer.

Double shot espresso- best when just pulled and dumped into the blender with everything waiting for it.
In the blender add in the amount of ice cream you wish to use (this always seems to vary some with me) I tend to use vanilla, but chocolate is wonderful too. Really though just use your own taste buds to tell you what to use.
Use very little milk, maybe 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup. The espresso will melt the ice cream a good deal.

Share and enjoy!

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Thanks for all the replies and help folks! I'd really not given iced coffee any consideration (for years) and then my daughter got me to try an iced latte on a recent trip. It was good and a nice alternative to hot coffee in the summer. Thanks to your responses, I have some new things to try. B)

Coffee Float

-1 cold glass of coffee out of the refrigerator from the previous day
-Give the kiddies decaf!
-topped with 1 scoop of ice cream (your choice).
-spoon and a straw.

Simple, fun, refreshing, no blender.

Great treats all, thanks folks.



wanting a coffee float...
Let's try Vietnamese ice coffee. You will like it.
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60 grams of course ground coffee.
1 quart/litre of cold water.
Add in a glass container with a lid.
Place in refrigerator for 16 hours.

Yummy stuff.

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I'm not much of an iced coffee fan, but I love cold brew. Have you tried that? It's amazing. You do the same things to cold brew that you do to any coffee. You can drink it hot or cold and you control how strong you want it. Just saying. My son got me onto this. He was making it in a mason jar with a sock and it was great. Cold brew is smooth and not bitter - kinda tastes like coffee smells if you know what I mean. Hope this helps (hth)...john
This is the recipe I always use for iced coffee

Based off of video here https://www.youtu...WFImo4uN64

Aeropress with prismo filter, PLUS pre-wet aeropress filter on top. place a few ice cubes in cup. 15g coffee, fine grind, slightly coarser than espresso. 150mL boiling water. stir. brew 1 minute. press hard. stop brew when you hear hissing.
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I also don't like Iced coffee, but I love Iced Latte. Whenever I want to drink Latte, I go to blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen in Katy. They make very delicious coffee.
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